Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yet another hot blogger

Too tired to work. Can barely keep my eyes open. Not getting any sleep because it's so fucking hot. I live on the 7th floor in a room with west-facing windows that only open THREE INCHES. Fucking restrictors. I know they're there to keep the depressed postgrads from comitting suicide by leaping out the windows, but the only reason anyone in my building is contemplating suicide is because it's too fucking hot because the fucking windows don't open! Argh.

Last night I laid on my bed, not moving, completely naked, fan blowing on me full force, and I was still sweating like a fat man on a Texas whore in July.

Is it October yet?


hendrix said...

Soak a bathtowel in ice cold water, wring it out well and lay over your feet when you go to bed. It'll keep your temperature down. If you've got an electric fan put a dish of ice water near to it as well - it blows cold air then too.

Hannah said...

Sadly not, but we had cold, damp fog in Edinburgh yesterday... What heatwave?!

Babs said...

Feh. That sucks. You're better off setting up tent outside and sleeping out there.

First Nations said...

theres a damn thought...sleep out on the grass.
another cooler...put cold water in a spray bottle, sit in front of the fan scantily clad-if at all-and spritz yourself occasionally. works like a charm and the fan dries all the overspray.

Jo said...


To go one step further on the towel comment:

Take a sarong. Soak it in cold water. Wring it out. Lay it over your whole body. It'll keep you cool for hours as the water evaporates.

Got me through the Tokyo summer quite a few times last year.