Saturday, September 16, 2006

I have no dignity left

MyHeritage - find your celebrity doppelganger


First Nations said...

this is peculiar.
you look like a guy in a roman helmet?
when forensic science goes horribly awry.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

2 responses to that:
1. Where is Gil Grissom when you need him?!?!, and
2. That's me in the middle. Do YOU think I look like a scruffy guy in a roman helmet?
(I wouldn't mind trying the helmet on, though. After I tried on what's inside it. *sigh* I'm hornily frustrated already.)

helena said...

I always thought Paul Stanley was kind of cute actually (ok ok so i'm peverted) but I wouldn't say you looked like him and you definitely don't look like a scruffy guy in a roman helmet. And Hedy Lamarr is quite gorgeous not minging at all - anyway think yourself lucky. I just ran the same thing and got gabriel byrne, jensen ackles (who he?) Hendrik Lorentz (ditto) Jonathan Rhys Meyers (ditto but going on the photo - i would) and an extremely elderly jane goodall! It would have been nice to resemble a few more girls!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

yeah, no complaints about hedy lamarr, but chelsea clinton? *shudders* she reminds me too much of that chav on dr. who with the ginormous gob. i'd rather be the dude in the helmet!

belladona said...

Think yourself lucky. I got Karl Marx with one photo. And no, just as you appear not to be a regular wearer of what's masquerading rather badly as a roman helmet, I do not have a beard that's heading for my knees.