Friday, September 29, 2006

Mission Accomplished

(i feel i should be standing in front of a giant banner depicting that headline.)

House of Frasier, 40 quid.

Good god, i never thought i'd pay 40 pounds for a bra and knickers!!!

I am now properly prepared to receive His Swashbucklingness The Pirate when he returns from Exploits Extraordinary. Too bad that won't be for another 2 months at least. *sighs mournfully*


Anonymous said...

Given the pirate's absence, do you need a platonic first mate to discuss lactic acid with ? I qualify in that I rushed over 100 m to accost a girl walking through central Bristol last week as from a distance she looked like you !

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Anon, I'm always happy to have mates with whom I can discuss Acids Lactic. Unless of course you're a creepy cyber slurker stalker. you're not, are you?

I must say I'm intrigued. Did I vanish from sight before you reached me, or did you catch the woman and discover it wasn't me?

First Nations said...

so in monopoly money thats...
75-80 DOLLARS??!!
jesus christ, are they made of platinum? at least you'll get good reception when you wear them. crap-ola!

come on, pix!

Anonymous said...

Oh no ! 'You' didnt vanish, thus I was able to complete the humiliation process by actually accusing her of faking her english accent(genuine of course)as I was convinced!!! And breathless!

Spinsterella said...

40 quid?


(FN - everything's dead expensive here. But not *that* expensive.)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Yeah, i know it was a rip-off. But i've been looking for nice lingerie for 6 months and this was the FIRST THING i found that i actually liked. Besides, you know the law of lingerie pricing, don't you?

anon: are you hitting on me?

Anonymous said...

I think so , in a gentle casual it's Friday evening and the week has exhausted me and this wine is going down so deliciously and you dont often find smart women who are willing to suffer in a boat kind of way. But nothing more than that , I'd not wish to draw the pirate's wrath , though I do fence ( it's my sport)

BEAST said...

40 QUID for a pair of skivvies....feck

GreatSheElephant said...

oh gawd. I appear to be the only person whose first thought was:
oh. You didn't spend much then.

I've been living in London too long.

For the record, all my undies are mismatched and from the discount rail at TKMaxx and nothing costs over a fiver. But if I were deliberately trying to buy something fabulous for a man, I'd be amazed if I got off with only £40. Good job!

What are they like?

Anonymous said...

It's called House of Fraser by the way. I know, I do it all the time too. TV rots your brain.

hendrix said...

The law of lingerie pricing, the less there is of it - the more expensive it's going to be!

I agree with GSE. £40 is not that expensive for "wear to be seen by your significant other" sort of lingerie. Actually, (because I don't live near to a decent TK Maxx) £40 is not that expensive anyway.

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