Monday, September 25, 2006


I'm feeling terribly English just now. Today was a remarkable day.

1. I used my HSBC bank card for the first time. My very own British bank account. I'm earning and spending my money in pounds. Whee!

2. Some local yokel actually thought I was English. My accent, it seems, is coming along. He asked me where in England I was from, probably because I've picked up a smattering of inflections from people all over the island. I must sound like a right mutt. But at least I don't sound American!


Annie Rhiannon said...

Ohhh, American accents are much nicer than English ones.

Anonymous said...

Tsk. What *is* the country coming to? They'll let all sorts of "foreign" types open bank accounts these days.

[Goes off to sulk in corner of room and grumble about those nasty Polish and Romanian people "stealing" our jobs/women/crisps/horses etc...]

First Nations said...

do you lose it when you come back visiting or does it stick???

Chaucer's Bitch said...

no, it doesn't stick. i always (subconsciously) affect the accent of the people to whom i'm speaking. when i was Down Under they thought I was born and raised in Yungaburra, and when I'm stateside i sound like the biggest hick since Daisy Duke. it's kind of scary being me.

ZB said...

Of course you sound English. America was an English colony.