Monday, October 30, 2006


After that last post and the myriad of comments I'm now feeling the pressure to produce something witty and entertaining for your, erm, entertainment.

That got off to a good start.

I am terribly excited to have tickets to Dr. Faustus tomorrow at the Old Vic. This is my favourite play of all time, and I've never had the opportunity to see it performed. And what better way to spend Halloween than watching a play about an ambitious scholar make a pact with the devil?** I'll tell you. Seeing aforementioned play with recently acquired lovely new friend. Remember Anonymous of flirty comments fame? Yep. Several emails, a couple phone calls, two cups of coffee, one hamburger, and 50 million text messages later...

*Which is, of course, redundant, since Halloween means "All Hallow's Eve"

**Besides trick-or-treating. Or costume parties. Or the eternal answer to the question 'what better?'


Da Nator said...

Ooh - good luck on the date. And if a version of the production of Boito's Mefistofele that was done at the Met Opera and SF gets out your way, go see it. Fun take on the story with very over-the top goth-meets-Broadway staging and gorgeous choral work.

Da Nator said...

Oh - I see now it may not be a "date-date"... enjoy nonetheless!

Hannah said...

Ooh. Now that DOES sound like fun. I'll be spending Hallowe'en at a recruitment evening. Yay me. Ahem.

First Nations said...

woo! dr. faustus on halloween!
very cool.
I'm going to be handing out chocolates to all two of the trick or treaters who will show up tomorrow night. yay.
(of course, that leaves more for me, and thats all that really matters.)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

It is certainly not a date! For crying out loud, people, have you forgotten my Pirate already??? I know, you just want me to blog more sordid stories of illicit trysts. My ratings were never higher than when I wrote about that first night the P and I were together.

Look, having a boyfried I love and adore does not prevent me from making new friends, even if those new friends happen to be 6'3", brilliant, athletic, and sickeningly handsome. *cough*

(22 days)

therapy said...

sounds like a halloween well spent..

I've watched a rather awful version where Mefistofele wore something resembling lettuce leaves on his head and faustus had an italian accent..

do post on how yours fared:)

Billy said...

Ooh the Mighty Marlowe. Splendid stuff.

Oh course now with the advent of supermarkets flying fruit it from all over the globe, making the exotic fruit appear in gardens in winter (can't remember the quote) is less impressive. Unless Tesco et al have sold their souls to a demon. Wouldn't surprise me.

Hannah said...

Now, stop hogging all the beautiful men. Share, and share alike. It's only fair.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

(said the woman who snogged a Minor Celebrity.)