Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The lighter side

That's enough intelligent debate for one day. Let's look at some much-awaited hamster photos, shall we?

Bluto's new palatial habitat.

(The hamster's view)

Aw! Little fuzzy dude! All bow down before His Majesty The Schmuggleware!

*blows stupid trumpet noises with lips*

Hamsta' Paradise: wolfin' down the chizzow in the seed dish.

His Roundness, in all his corpulent glory.

There is sadness and misery and starvation and war and genocide and bigotry and abuse outside, but inside there is love and fuzz and, most importantly, an abundance of sunflower seeds. Let happiness reign supreme!


homo escapeons said...

My Word!
It is obvious the Bluto's corpulent glory is but a desperate 'cry for help'. Despite all of the fancy schmancy hamster tunnels he is totally stressed out and he is eating his pain because he doesn't want to disappoint you.

I see through your twisted little plan..there, behind his cage is the source of his angst.
Your sinister plan to make poor Bluto memorize and recite the entire list of British Monarchs is beyond cruel..even for humans.

How on earth do you expect him to be able to say Ethelred the Unready with a mouthful of sunflower seed?..or Edgar the Atheling!

I am sure that this will not sit well with the fine folks at PETA who at this very moment are gawking at this disturbing evidence and are hastily preparing a rescue mission. Surely there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Your cruel and shocking plan to make $millions$ while whoring out poor Bluto and parading him around the globe as the world's smartest hamster, EVER, is over.
I am certain that even the Guiness Book people won't touch this one...nobody will..not even YouTube!

Once rescued, Bluto will be returned to the wild and live out his life in Hamsteria, or wherever they are from.
There he will compete for food, territory and access to females with 'normal' hamsters. With any luck he will avoid predation and live out the next few, precious, precious years with his heart in his throat like a real rodent.
Good Day to you Madame!

First Nations said...

this morning while I was drinking my coffee the aethric body of Rod McKuen appeared to me and bade me write the following ode in three parts in honor of the rotundity and cosmic cuteness which is the SCHMUGGLEWARE.....

I. The hamster is the world;
Circular, the asteroids which belt it
merely hulls of seeds
maybe some poo

II. Hamsters carry the stars in their fur
that is why they

III. Round hamster, the world
is waiting for your hearts cry
the call of the hamster
the voice of space

*collapses in a trembling semiconscious heap*

Chaucer's Bitch said...

You are powerless to foil my evil plot! You will die, along with the rest of your puny race. *Muahahahahah!*

The Michael said...

Let's introduce a nice natural predator into his smug little world and see how cute he remains......hehe

Billy said...

Such cuteness!

*runs away for a lie-down*

Anonymous said...

Now it isn't my field , (healthcare is so species dependant these days) but isnt that 'hamster' uncomfortably similar to a gerbil ?

First Nations said...

anon, don't go there. I already made the same observation and was rapped right smart 'pon the knuckles for my presumption. it is most assuredly a hampster and has in fact appeared as a guest critic on my blog.

Rob7534 said...

Such a lovely rodent! Kisses.

I love how the "bong" was incorporated into the tunnel house thingy, very Creative!

Excellent Photos!

Anonymous said...

Now it isn't my field , (healthcare is so species dependant these days) but isnt that 'hamster' uncomfortably similar to a gerbil?

I'm sure it's a hamster. In fact I believe it is a "Siberian Hamster"

ZB said...

I can get Bluto a job in the sound of music. Well, the sound of music with the original lyrics anyway? Does he like dark, confined spaces. With a hint of moistness and poo?