Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sod's law

I lost my bank card. I avoided reporting it for a whole week because I'm prone to losing things and they usually turn up eventually. Finally i couldn't ignore the problem any more. I need a debit card to do things, such as purchase food to feed myself. So I reported it lost and/or stolen. I was informed that it would take a week for my replacement card to arrive. ! A week?! crazy. at my old bank they replaced cards in 48 hours guaranteed. bloody english beaurauacracy.*

so today my new card arrived. yay, thought i.

i got dressed to leave my flat, put on my corduroy jacket, and in the pocket i found my old card.

For fucks sake.

*i never did learn how to spell beauaearuarcracy. don't care, either.


hendrix said...

yes but it hadn't been there all that time. It had just returned from its life in a parallel universe.

PS. I think we should start to use your spelling of beaurauacracy its much more official sounding.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

indeed. beaureaueaureracracy is the only word which really OUGHT to have loads of unnecessary letters. sort of a symantic onomatopoeia.

ZB said...

he he

Babs said...

See what happens when you cheer for the Tigers?? :P

frobisher said...

Prob. thinking of ol' tree truck thighs - in a world of your own.

Tip:- when lost just get the cards suspended not cancelled. Saves hassle.