Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I've been waiting for the arrival of a $5000 scholarship that i was promised. I was banking on this scholarship to cover my rent and utilities for the next 6 months. Last night I received a letter informing me it had been withdrawn due, not to any failing of mine, but simply a shortage of available funds.

This morning I'm going back to the temp agency that hired me last summer in order to find some part time work. Sadly, in order to work 20 hours a week and keep on top of my research, I shall have to give up rowing for the remainder of the year.

I could really use some of your hugs right now.


Dave beta said...

So sorry. I need a cleaner, but I think your travelling costs might be excessive.

*Virtual hug*

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel...being skint sucks.

Loganoc said...

Oh shit - even as a science student it can be hard to get proper funding if you're not british. Things are slightly less complicated if you're European at least, I am very impressed that you're still managing to study where you want to. Good luck, and maybe you can go out for the occasional scull?

Ezri said...


I know the bright side's hard to find here, but maybe this is meant so you've truly got time to heal up properly and be back in fighting trim to kick some rowing butt next year!

There's virtual shoulders here if you need 'em!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

yeah, been looking for additional sources of funding, but everything i've found so far is limited to
a, british students
b, EU students
c, Commonwealth students
d, students from developing or 3rd world nations

can anyone come up with a country besides the USA that doesn't meet ANY of the above criteria??? it's like there's a conspiracy to fund anyone BUT Americans.

GreatSheElephant said...

that's awful. Did they withdraw it from everyone? If not, could you appeal?

hendrix said...


Have you tried going for scholarships from the businesses based in your home town? That might be one idea - even if you don't get the full amount from one of them you might get something. Larger businesses usually do have a fund that they use for stuff like that - you're not asking for a lot of money in the scheme of things and it would be worth it to them for the good publicity they'd get.

Farty said...

Hendrix beat me to it. Alternatively, don't foreign nationals automatically get British Citizenship when they marry a True Brit? Time for the Pirate to step up, methinks!

Hugs xxx

Chaucer's Bitch said...

GSE: I have no idea, but there's no appeal process

HC: My home state is ranked 49th out of 50 for economic status in the USA. There are only 3 companies in my hometown: the electric company where my dad works, the hospital, and the prison. That's it.

Farty: nope, there's still a 3 year waiting period after you marry a Brit to get citizenship. It's deliberate, because most degrees take 3 years to complete, so the time is specifically chosen to make sure foreigners can't get married to cop out of their university fees.

MinCat said...


Valerie said...

Argh. Been there. I ended up working several jobs through school, but I didn't have to give up a beloved sport. I hope things improve!

Loganoc said...

Oh by the way - I have met an American girl who is just hanging around in Bristol at the moment til she has her 3 years full and can start her PhD properly.
The rules are quite odd and unfair and especially make me wonder how all these Chinese students get along.

Homo Escapeons said...

Have you considered a life of crime? The hours are flexible and if you get caught you can continue your studies for free!
HUGE HUGZZ ((back snapping)) OOPS!

belladona said...

Oh fuck. My thoughts are with you - people have already suggested any fundraising ideas I've had I'm afraid.

Billy said...

That sucks. If I had $5000 I'd give it to you.

hendrix said...

So try the electric company...even if you only get a thousand dollars its better than nothing. Alternatively contact your local paper and see if they'll get a fund going for you...
c'mon CB - worth the price of a stamp...

ZB said...

can anyone come up with a country besides the USA that doesn't meet ANY of the above criteria??? it's like there's a conspiracy to fund anyone BUT Americans.

Rats. She worked it out.

Bad luck sweetpea. Look on it this way, the sooner you complete the less money you're going to owe. And in the meantime, I'll brass up that 50 quid I owe you. Let me know if I can help.


Chaucer's Bitch said...

mincat: ta!

val: thanks. i know they will eventually. everything is survivable.

loganoc: i wonder that myself all the time. it's a fucking conspiracy, i tell you!

Homo: i'm not smart enough to be a successful criminal. but *ooph!*, that felt good!

Bella: there's always street performing, i suppose.

Billy: thank you. I know you would.

HC: I appreciate your optimism, but i am personally acquainted with the woman at the electric company who is in charge of their charitable donations division. there's nothing there but sand, trust me. And i really don't think i could bear to have it spread all over my hometown that i was hard-up for cash and would everyone please chip in a buck? it's pride, stupid pride, i know, but i would rather starve than beg.

ZB: and Japan. I finally came up with one. You're out to screw Yanks and Japs, but i think those really are the only two.

It sucks because that grant was my only source of funding that i didn't have to pay back. It was my ONLY grant. now i'll have to borrow or earn every dime i spend while i'm here. i don't object to that in principle at all; nothing wrong with working your way though. it's just that it's nearly fucking impossible when i'm legally limited to 20 hours/week of work and i'll be lucky to find something that pays better than 6.50/hr.

Thanks for the 50. That WILL help. It's all about the pennies at this point. There is one other thing you can do: pick a weekend when i can come for a visit. I have seen you for ages and i miss you like hell! And if i'm not rowing on the weekends any more, i might as well use them for something fun. (Like painting your new house??)

Sal said...



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