Saturday, January 20, 2007


So I decided to test out my new blender and make myself a fruti and yogurt smoothie. Last night I put 1/2 pine of plain yogurt in the freezer.* This morning I took it out, thawed it in the microwave for a minute on low (just enough so i could cut in into chuncks, but not melt it back to normal). I cut it into chunks, dropped the chunks in the blender along with 1 orange, peeled and sliced, 1 banana (peeled and sliced), and 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract. And I turned the fucker on.


It looked so lovely, my orange and banana smoothie. Lovely and pale and it smelled magnificent.

I took a pint glass from the shelf, took hold of the handle on the blender pitcher and twisted and...


Instead of the whole pitcher coming off the base (including the bottom of the pitcher with the blade bits), the jug alone came off the base, and the bottom of the jug remained attached. That's right, the bottom of the jug remained attached to the base.

My smoothie, my lovely, beautiful, fragrant smoothie, went all over the counter.

Now I am sad.

And I'm out of yogurt.


*for some fucked up reason you can't buy tubs of frozen yogurt in the supermarkets in England. they have yogurt, and they have ice cream. why they havn't glommed on to the genius that is FroYo I can't say.


First Nations said...

into each life a little yogurt must fall. even into the perfect, fragrant Busby Berkley costume romp that your life has become.


*passes out from cute rounditude overload*

hendrix said...

aaargh attack of the orange and banana smoothie! what a pig to clear up. My trick is usually to forget to put the lid of the blender on properly so that whole damn mess sprays across the room.

PS. I'm sure I've seen tubs of frozen yoghurt in England - although it may be that it was the flavoured rather than plain sort.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

FN: knew you'd enjoy that. :)

HC: so far i've tried tesco, sainsbur'y, morrison's, and M&S. That's all the stores within biking distance of me. no luck yet, but the hunt continues. according the Yeo Valley website they sell 1L tubs of strawberry fro yo (which makes me happy as YV make the best yogurt i've ever had and strawberry is my fav flav). i've sent them an email to ask where i can buy it. have you ever known anyone to go such lenghts for yogurt???

Lorna said...

You could try health-food shops or co-operatives: I have a feeling the organic food place in Cambridge does frozen yoghurt, as it fits in with their whole healthy-and-guilt-free thing. That probably doesn't help you much if you're in Bristol, though, I guess...

I also think your hamster is very cute :)

Sassy Sundry said...

Oh dear. I've had that happen. Not only is it depressing, it also makes such a mess. I'm sorry.

Smoothies are much tastier than frozen yogurt. Don't be discouraged.

Homo Escapeons said...

Great Play should just let the 'help' prepare your treats..or move next door to Rachel Ray.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

lorna: ta!

ss: i think we have differing definitions of "smoothie." my smoothies all start with frozen yogurt.

homo: rachel ray needs to DIE! and be gently sauteed in "e.v.o.o."

lawyerina said...

This exact thing happened to me once. But it was a blueberry smoothie. And I was making it for a pregnant guest. And we both had blueberry smoothie all over us.

So frustrating

....sauteed in e.v.o.o. heh heh. genius.

hendrix said...

CB. If yeo valley say that they make 1L tubs of the stuff then email them and ask which shops they supply to in your area (yo7u might even get some freebies if you lay it on thick enough!) Alternatively, do as I do and instead of having the yog frozen, freeze the fruit. Morrisons do great packets of frozen berries which, when mixed with yog and a banana make amazing smoothies.

Da Nator said...

Maybe the blender bottom is set as an emergency escape valve for the hamster...?