Friday, February 02, 2007

cloud and lining

the bad news is i just broke the news to the team that i won't be rowing any more this season. i'm going to cry for a little while now if that's ok with you.

the better news is that the employment agency is on a mission, and they've already got me an interview next week for an admin job that pays 8-some an hour. it's a start.


Ezri said...


I've got shoulders if you need 'em. I would send chocolate, but given Bermyville mail, you'd get it just as you were heading out for the Olympics, so I am sending new, improved virtual chocolate :) It has all the endorfins, but none of the calories, for your munching enjoyment :)

Valerie said...

I'm so sorry about the rowing. Another silver lining might be that you will be sure to COMPLETELY heal from your rowing-related injury, but.. small comfort when you want to be out there with the team. Still, this could keep you from having lingering problems for the rest of your life. So in that sense, it might be good. But sad. :( big hugs!

hendrix said...

I'm sorry about the rowing too CB. As Ezri's sent you the virtual chocolate, I'm sending virtual hankies.

Just focus on the fact that you don't have to give it up for ever - only for the time being. Small consolation I know but it's the bit you have to keep in mind. You will be back on the water soon. Promise you.

realdoc said...

You'll have to take up fell running which is the only other sport I know off equal in masochism to rowing.

ZB said...

Ha! Yes. I agree with that last comment.

Don't worry Ceebs. Rowing sucks. I'll show you my Henley Medal though...

Chin up. The important thing is Phud and food. Rowing means a lot but the first two are priorities. You can do it. Don't worry. We won't let you starve. My gran does amazing fruitcakes. They'll last you forever.

Robert A. Swipe said...

You couldn't have a word with my other half please could you CB??

We seem to do nothing but row at the moment.

L.U.V. on ya,


Chaucer's Bitch said...

Ezri: thanks, Ez; i LOVE munching! ahem.

Val: yeah, i know. i'm just sick of having to take the long view. I wanna row now Now NOW!!!

HC: thanks for the hankies, hon. I'm now handing them back to you, dripping in virtual snot and bogies.

RD: the only thing equal in masochism to rowing, is masochism.

ZB: no, the important thing is Phud, phood, and Pirate. After that everything is negotiable. (though i never thought i'd hear myself say that about rowing.)

Bob: here are a few words for your wife: Go GO GO!!! Win! Muder death kill! Drive with the legs! Slam the knees down! Hard finishes now, keep the pressure on the blade all the way though the stroke! Now relax your shoulders; breathe with the stroke. Suspend all your body weight off handle; stand up on the footplates; point your toes! Square up earlier! Go Go Go!!! (Unless your wife rows for UWE, in which case my words are: die, you pathetic, weak, chicken-legged ignoramus!)

First Nations said...

oh crap. i suck. i missed stuff! i missed everything!
*virtual hugs, chocolate, valiuim, tequila, more tequila, years supply of limes*
aw fuck it. you need a vacation. you need to come visit so i can spoil you and the pirate with fried food and cholesterol and the pastoral beauty of the american northwest. consider yourselves pre-vacation-housed.