Thursday, February 01, 2007

In Search of the Superbowl

The Chicago Bears are in the Superbowl this year. This NEVER happens. It's like snow in July.

As it happens, the Bears are the Pirate's favourite American football team. He's nuts for them, has been ever since he were a wee nipper. I like the Superbowl becuase it's fun to yell at the TV when there's something on besides the US Congress.

The Problem: I don't own a TV, and the Pirate doesn't get ITV1.

Anyone out there planning on watching the Superbowl? Can we join you? I'll bring crisps...


Loganoc said...

I'm pretty sure my housemate is going to watch it. I still don't really get the game, even though I've been assured it's really quite simple. I enjoy looking at the player's arses though :)

Da Nator said...

I'd've thunk that, being a pirate and all, he'd like the Raiders or Buccaneers. Anyway, you're welcome in Brooklyn! ;o)

I get involved in my own b.s. for a few days and all kinds of chaos busts out here! So sorry to hear about your money troubles and lack of rowing. Trust me, I've been through that wringer in college - it sucks. But maybe you can tell yourself you needed to give your back a rest, anyway?


Tim Footman said...

All Brits of a certain age like the Bears, because "football" (or "homosexual rugby" as we prefer to call it) got its first and only serious media push on Channel 4 at around the time William 'The Refrigerator' Perry was doing his stuff. Sumo wrestling was also a big deal, so all Brits love the guy called The Dumptruck.

Bliss it was to be a fat, scary bloke in the mid-80s.

Tim Footman said...
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Billy said...

The Pirate doesn't get ITV1??!! What kind of telly does he have.

No one Really said...

Yeah, We'll be watching it on HDTV.

Can you get to the Isle of Man?

Homo Escapeons said...

Do you recall the Saturday Night Live 'Bearfest' back in the Mike Meyers era..
"Da Bearsss"
was the punchline repeated ad nauseum for years by the fat guy from Cheers...NORM.

The Fridge became a media sensation because of his weight not his abilities..
the fact that he could dress himself and make it out to the line of scrimmage was impressive enough for the fans.

This year there is a young kid from Winnipeg playing for Da Bearsss so I may actually watch a few seconds of it..
the commercials are the big draw and don't forget that Prince is the halftime much for a wardrobe malfunction.

Pargolo said...

You're welcome in Philadelphia, Bitch. (gosh, that sounds so native of me!)

um, as a former rower who had to retire in order to work, i understand, and i'm sorry.

As a native Chicagoan, who was a wee nipper when the 1985 bears were playing, I should correct Homo Escapeons.

Fridge Perry is actually a very softspoken man. He was a first round draft pick in 1985 and was known for his defensive game. Yes, he was popular with us, but he also was a decent player, or Ditka wouldn't have kept him on.

After his football career was over, he apparently went back to south carolina, where he's from, and started a construction company and has apparently done a lot for his town. It's a pretty poor, black section of the state, so frankly I don't begrudge him any fame he garnereed- he's obviously given back as much as he has received.