Saturday, February 24, 2007


Thanks, Dave. I really appreciate your help. Sadly, my little experiment didn't work. I have figured out a way in my HTML code to replace the green background and goofy little wheel logo with an image from the web. I found the image I wanted (that green key design), but it needed to be eited a tad (it wasn't long enough in pixels, so I had to photoshop it to copy and paste segments together to make it longer).

The problem now is getting the new, lengthened image onto the web so I can paste the URL into my code. This procedure worked with any other image I used from the web, but not from images posted on my own blog. So I figured that if someone else posted the image I could then past the URL into my code and make it the background header for my blog. With me so far?

Problem is it didn't work. Anyone know why?

It should be that difficult. I can paste any image from the web directly into my code. So how do I publish this particular image onto the web in such a way that I can use it????

Also, (and this is still a very pressing question), why won't the New Blogger (not the Beta version, the newer version than that, which is what I've just converted to) accept the HTML code for my stat counter??? I'm really annoyed by this.

If there are any really hard-core coders out there with a bit of free time who would like do demonstrate their superiority, I will even copy my code into a text doc and email it to you, so you can see exactly what I'm dealing with. (As it is I've been pretty successful working with this new template. Besides changing a bunch of things they give you options for, I managed to find the bit of code that determines the thickness and color of the border around my avatar and change it from being thick and orange to thin and grey. Whee! (small victories.))

Thanks for your help, Dave. That the experiment failed was no fault of your own, therefore you still get a prize. To collect just tell email me your snail mail address to

In addidtion, I will send out prizes for successful solutions to the above two coding problems. (Blogger help is no help with this -- I've already looked.) I can't say at this point exactly what the prizes are, but I specialize in baked goods. "Yummers!"


Fussy Bitch said...
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Anonymous said...

Good lord, my bloglines thing has just gone french, anyway, that's not what I wanted to say - try

I managed to change my header following instructions here. God ugly site, but good info.

Not sure about the stat counter though - perhaps the good folks at stat counter would be able to answer you?

I, like the view said...

I set up a new blog recently (thus it was the new blogger account, not the beta or the old blogger) and the stat counter code I use for my other blogs (funnily enough from wasn't accepted into the template of the blog

I did wonder about using a different stat counter, or indeed as jaunty suggested ask the good folks themselves, but then got bored and gave up

ho hum

good luck with your changes!

Just a Girl said...

I added my counters (2) into the template/layout section.

Under Add a Page Element I chose HTML/Java Script and plunked it in that way. Plus you can decide where to stick the element. I moved my to the bottom of my page.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

wow, new people!

rakes: French?? How does that happen? Good lord, now i'm worried about problems i didn't even know were possible 30 seconds ago!

iView: hullo! I know i've seen you over at Dave's place, but I believe this is your first visit to my humble comode. welcome!

JAG: ooh, gonna try that right now. ta. (if this works you get baked goods.)

Mr Farty said...

I wish I could say "it's a doddle, here's how", 'cos I heart baked goods.

In reality, I've got a crap template which I have no idea how to change.

However, I started learning html just yesterday from this excellent site.

I'll race you. Good luck!

I, like the view said...

(I'm liking iView, CB!)(it's very informative over here, isn't it!)