Saturday, March 17, 2007

Moonlight sleeping on the midnight lake

Today I stopped to pet a cat.

There is nothing extraordinary about this. I often stop to pet other people's cats because mine died, leaving my life bereft of catness.

I sat down on the ground. I was wearing scrubby jeans, trainers, and a black fleece hoodie -- my usual goin' to the library, hanging out around campus comfy atire. The catness, a plump female tabby with a rather stumpy tail and agreeable disposition, was situated comfortably on the pavement next to me purring her approval of my finely-honed belly-rubbing technique.

A well-dressed gentleman with a John Steed-style brolly approached, looked down at me, and said, "Sorry, I don't have any change."

That's the second time this term I've been mistaken for homeless, I thought. "That's ok, mate," I told him. "I don't mind paper."


Valerie said...

{giggle}. That's classic!

Hannah said...


That's not happened here yet, but I'm going to be more cautious when indulging in my feline conversations in future.

Homo Escapeons said...

"Consider yourself
Consider yourself
one of the Fa-mi-ly!!"

First Nations said...

that's interesting, isn't it? i always used to get mistaken for a 'buisnesswoman'. why this was I have no idea; my usual attire was a character t-shirt and torn levis. nowadays i get mistaken for either someone who works in whatever shop i'm in, or a drug dealer.

i'm sorry, the homeless thing just cracks me up! *snork*

First Nations said...

artie g singing 'some enchanted evening'....

Mr Farty said...

Nice comeback.

llewtrah said...

Walking to the paper shop with Billy this morning, a glack and white cat yelled at me from a garden. It would have been rude not to stop and say hello to it. On the way back, the same cat yelled me again. So I stopped again. Billy hadn't realised I have that effect on cats - they like to nag me!

Billy said...

I thought homeless people had dogs?

llewtrah said...

Doing Chrisis at Christmas (the Christmas shelter for the homeless in London) a friend met a guy who had a cat rather than a dog. The friend got me to put a cat "hamper" together containing flea powder, a blrush, some posh cat food and a cat harness.

ZB said...

I thought homeless people had dogs?

Drugs. Drugs and dogs. And dogs on drugs. Dogs with drugs on drugs selling drugs to other dogs. It's a vicious cycle.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

val: classic? really? does this happen to other people?

hannah: you should be fine as long as you don't dress like me, that is, like a bum.

homo: [posh accent] Rather!

FN: at least since I've grown my hair out I don't get mistaken for a man. often. (ps. god awmighty yes!)

farty: ta.

llewtra: you seem to attract puppies just as well!

billy: mostly they do, becaue dogs, by and large, are dumb enough to stand around in the cold for the sake of a poor biped (present company excepted, of course). Cats are all "fuck this shit, i'ma go live someplace warm!"

llewtra: awesome!

Herebe: the best way to smuggle drugs is in a dog's butthole. That way when the other drug-sniffing dogs smell your drugs, their handlers will just think they're being friendly.

Lourana said...

Keep up the good work.