Monday, March 19, 2007

Wildlife Exotique

It was a wild, wild weekend. (When is it not?)

Here is our local finned wildlife, doing what it does best. Nothing.

Our local furred wildife, attempting to reach his food bin by busting through the yellow, plastic cap on his mushrroom hut. *sniff sniff* I can smell eet! I know eet's there!

Here is our local feathered wildife. This winged mofo is trying to decide if I would pose a threat to his chicks were he and his bitch to roost on the ledge outside my window. I'm trying to convince him that yes, yes I would be a HUGE threat to his chicks. Noisy, shite-squirting, raucus, garbage-eating fuckwads. (You have no idea how unsettling it is to be sitting at your compter happily blogging working and suddenly look up to find a seagull, 6 feet from your face, at head level, staring at you through your window. Fuking unnerving, I can tell you.)

This weekend Pirate and I went to Longleat Safari park, where we saw even more wildife. It was wicked good. If you havn't been there, go. It's so much better than a zoo. The animals have loads of space to move around, and you drive through the park in your car. We saw lots of things.

We saw white rhino things:

And things with babies:

And more things with babies:
(This is a rock wallaby. See that second little head sticking out there? I want to be that baby. That is the warmest, coziest, snuggliest place ever. I want to live in a pouch.)

And monkeys on cars:
(These monkeys are experts at destroying windshield wipers and radio antennae. Pirate did not want to stop the car in this area because he didn't want monkeys tearing it to bits, like what happened the last time he was here. So the converstation went more or less like this:

Me: Aawwww! Monkyes!
Pirate: Aaagh! Monkeys!
Me: Stop the car, I want to take a photo.
Pirate: No! We're not stopping! The car is NOT. STOPPING.

Result: dozens of blurry monkey photos.)

There was some hot lion on lion action, complete with audience:

And butterflies on flowers:

And the wildest wildlife of all:
(photo removed)
Wild Thing, I think I love you!

We also had a couple really good talks this weekend. There was a lot of stuff that needed to be said. We talked about our chosen career paths and the ways in which we might be able to reconcile the logistical differences of our respective careers, etc.

We also talked about our religious and philosophical differences. I'm not going to go into detail, but we have very strong opposing beliefs on some subjects, and it's an issue I've been reluctant to discuss for a variety of reasons. It got quite emotional for both of us, and we havn't come to a final resolution, but we are a lot closer than we were 48 hours ago and I am feeling much reassured. It was agreed that if we can handle this issue, we can probably handle anything.


realdoc said...

I am puzzled about your hamster, it appears to live in a marble run Please clarify.
(Is that pithy enough?)

100 Words said...

That shot of the lion is brilliant. I particularly like the way one is sitting watching, presumably waiting her turn. If only humans behaved like that

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Hello, realdoc! Glad you're back. Yes, the hamster lives in a marble run, but that is becauce he is basically a squishy, furry marble. That poops.

100 Words: if she was waiting her turn, she'll be waiting a while longer. He immediately went to sleep after. So not much different from humans after all!

frobisher said...

You never went on the boat to see the Hippos?
The maze? Dr Who exhibition? Longleat house itself and the beautiful walled gardens? the dogging car park at Heavens Gate?

100 Words said...

Oh, to be a lion ...

hendrix said...

"It was agreed that if we can handle this issue, we can probably handle anything"

Don't fucking tempt fate like that CB, just don't do it. Honest. You say shit like that and then you split up due to the way that he insists on wearing batman pyjamas
or always leaves the top off the toothpaste.

PS. Seriously though - talking's good.

Mangonel said...

'Pithy Comebacks' - so-oo-o much more redolent than 'thalaciouth tidbitth'!

Hot Pirate, btw.

The Muller said...

The pirate's got the right idea re. destructive monkeys. Little feckers can make a real mess of the car's exterior furniture.

Yer shoulda "borrowed" a lion cub to sort out that avian monster.

BTW - it's about time you did something about that shirt button

Homo Escapeons said...

It would be fun to dart those little f*cking monkey bastards.
Lions in the wild mate for like 2 days straight...terribly unromantic encounters that last a few seconds but it is all about quantity not quality with the King Of Beasts.
Nice park especially with all of the babies...spring has indeed sprung.
Sorting out the details eh?
I won't jinx it...a loverly arfternoon.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Frobi: our "passports" are good until next November. We didn't have time to visit all the attractions, but we fully intend to go back another day and see the rest.

HC: we know there will always be new disagreements to be reconciles, but the idea is that in handling this one we'll have demonstrated to ourselves and each other that we can resolve disagreements without rancor and venom.

mango: don't you mean "pithy comebackths?"

muller: yeah yeah i know i know.

homo: i wouldn't call religion and career plans "details," but yeah, we're trying to get ourselves sorted. :-D

ZB said...

God will forgive you.