Monday, March 05, 2007

The Pirate returns

Pirate is home from India. Whee! He came home about midnight on saturday all suntanned and exhausted. Sunday morning after my coaching session I cycled out to his house. It's just over 22 miles from where I live, and it normally takes me 2 hours and change to get there, the last 6 miles being all more or less uphill. This Sunday I had spent an hour running around playing basketball with a bunch of teenagers, and immidiately got on the bike and set off. In the pouring rain. Into a headwind.

It took me 3 1/4 hours. And the rack on the back of my bike broke, so I had to carry my pack on my back, so my back was killing me by the time I arrived. AND I got a flat tire. Twice.

But it was worth it to hold him and hear his voice and feel his breath on my neck. Especially when I woke up screaming in the middle of the night from a horrendous nightmare. I have nightmares regularly, but not as often when we're together. This was only the second time since we met that I had a bad dream while I was in bed with him. I hate having nightmares, but it is wonderful to have someone there to snuggle you back to sleep.

He brought me a beautiful silk scarf from India. I'll wrap it around my neck and feel its warmth and remember the sensation of his breath on my skin.


Homo Escapeons said...

Holy Lance Armstrong Batman!
Aww nice sentimental journey...I am sorry to hear about the night need to watch something funny just before you go to bed..give your brain something hilarious to analyze instead of all the tedious realities of life.

India eh wot? I spent a lot of time discussing the technological quirks on my Dell with the techies in India. It is so quaint how they ask if their pronunciation is adequate..
ironically, they all speak better 'Anglische' than any of the Americans techies that they replaced! Funny world.

sleep tight

Hannah said...

Yikes. That kind of distance is why they invented the car. ;)

Warrior Two said...

Hey! I don't have any other way of responding to your comment on my blog, but nahhh, it wasn't your comment that made me think I was mean. Before I read it, I'd thought back to myself, "man that was mean", and I don't mean that in the David Bowie sense, or Mott the Hoople or whoever that was. So I thought I should clarify that that it's the baby CULT that really gets to me. Babies really haven't warranted such venom, they're just busy being ids. I imagine you'd have a passel of awesome chillens who will probably try to take full advantage of your inability to decipher their expressions.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Homo: if only I had his legs!

Hannah: maybe one day when I get a proper job. right now I can't even afford the maintenance on my shittyass bike. every time i ride out there i have another effing mechanical failure.

W2: "I imagine you'd have a passel of awesome chillens who will probably try to take full advantage of your inability to decipher their expressions."

Oh, GOD! I hadn't even THOUGHT of that! Aw, Jesus. I wasn't afraid of having kids until this moment. Help!