Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend excitement

Wow what a busy weekend!

Thursday (weekends start on thursday now), Pirate picked me up and took me to a leadership development seminar. (he gets browie points at work for attending these things.) the speaker spent the first 20 minutes talking in cliches, and the next 90 convincing me of a point about which i needed no convincing. so it was all a bit pointless, but it included dinner and it was an evening with the pirate, so that was ok.

Friday Pirate came over after an evening shooting (he's a toxophilite), and we went to a party where we had to leave after 5 minutes because we couldn't hear the other guests over the music and we couldn't see them through the pot smoke.

Saturday we

1) picked up my new evening gown, which is the first part of my birthday gift from the Pirate. (my birthday was in January, but it took a while to have it made.) Photos forthcoming.

2) went up on the Downs and ran around in the wind and mud playing catch and learning how to bowl a cricket ball properly. (I'm a bit rubbish, but he's a qulified coach and i'm an eager student, so i'm sure i'll get there eventually.)

3) went and got my Wishy! (This is the second half of my birthday gift.) My Wishy is lovely. He is a betta wishy, and his name is Sir Robin. We named him that because instead of attacking his reflection or a finger held up to the tank, he runs (bravely) away and hides behind his plants. Photos forthcoming.

4) went back to Pirate's house and took a walk around the countryside where he lives. We saw a family of baby rabbits, and i truly don't know which was the cuter, the baby bun-buns, or the Pirate's reaction to them. I've never seen a grown man coo like that before. I can't wait to make him a daddy someday.

5) had kielbasa for dinner

6) watched Kill Bill.

7) made sweet, sweet, lurve.

Sunday we

1) slept in and had a lazy morning lounging in bed, warm and snuggly (this is getting really nauseating, isn't it? oh, well.)

2) spent an hour being wishy-washy over how we wanted to spend the afternoon. those types of conversations drive me nuts, and usually the P is very decisive, so they don't happen often. thank god.

3) finally decided to go bowling (tenpin). Probably not the smartest idea in the world given my back, but it worked out ok in the end.

4) had a horribly, horribly, awful, terrible, unhealth, gross, disgusting, delicisous, amazing, fantastic, delectible, orgasmic lunch at Burger King. I havn't had a whopper in almost 2 decades. My GOD was that good. I so needed that.

5) eventually located the bowling alley (after 40 minutes of driving around with me suggesting we stop for directions and him continuing to drive while we both openly admitted we didn't know where we were going. argh!). At Hollywood Bowl I learned that people in this country have NO CONCEPT of proper bowling alley etiquite. The next post is going to be a manners guide to bowling tenpin. I kicked the Pirate's ass two games in a row. But that's not too surprising, since I've been bowling since I was 7, and on leagues since I was 11.

6) Watched Kill Bill 2.

Pirate is coming over again tonight, so I guess the weekend isn't quite over yet. I really like these Thursday to Monday weekends. I could get used to this.


Hannah said...

Huh. That sounds rather fantastic. Jealous, moi?!

frobisher said...

Wasn't Go go fab in Kill Bill 1?

Da Nator said...

Sounds lovely. We should all have 4 day weekends, at least!

Mr Farty said...

Is Pirate's middle name Hiawatha? Is there nothing he isn't good at? Good catch, gel!

Haha nae joy wi' the party tho! We had our Silver Wedding party till 1am on Saturday night - music not too loud if a bit twee, strictly NO smoking. First time I have come away at the end of the night without stinging eyes.

You ran around in the mud in your new evening gown?

Can't stand BK, which is odd because I heart Big Mac.

Kill Bill I & II - yay!

llewtrah said...

Weekends of snuggliness and food. I can relate to that ;)

ZB said...

We saw a family of baby rabbits, and i truly don't know which was the cuter, the baby bun-buns, or the Pirate's reaction to them...

He shot them right? With his bow and arrow?

First Nations said...

MAKING the ball gown?
ritzy schnitzy! I cannot wait to see the pix!!
Every now and then you just have to junk out on crap american food. I understand. Me, I have to hit a sleazy buffet place occasionally. I have discovered that Idaho serves up the best sleazy buffet food by far, of the western states. fact.