Friday, May 04, 2007

Deja Loo

The meds I'm on are making me pretty foggy. Here's a prime example.

Yesterday I forgot to take my happy pills fisrt thing a.m., so I took them later in the afternoon. Normally about an hour after I take them I get hit with a wave of heavy drowsiness and need to lie down a bit, so instead of getting my drowsy burst at 10 am, it came at 5 pm instead. There was no point in trying to work through it so I caved in and crawled in bed.

I woke up an hour later and looked at my clock. (It's an analog face.) It said 6:00. Now if you think about this, 6:00 on an analog clock is one hand at the 12 and one hand at the 6. In my haze I was convinced it said 12:30. And I panicked.

Normally at noon on a Thursday I have to go to a lecture at noon and take notes for a disabled student. I freaked out, believing I was half an hour late, and by the time I got to uni the lecture would be nearly over. How was I going to explain this to M?! She depends on me to be her hands for her.

I leapt out of bed and looked at the (digital) clock on my computer. It read 6:03. "That's odd," I thought. "I wonder why the clock on my computer is off." I looked at my (analog) watch just for good measure, and it confirmed what my alarm clock had already told me: half twelve.

I started to put shoes on and stuff the necessaries in my backpack. Everything I needed was already there. "How clever of me to pack ahead of time," I thought. I stumbled into the bathroom for a wee before dashing out the door, and while I was sitting on the loo it struck me: I've already done this today.

Yes, lardies and gents, earlier that day at noon I had, in fact, gone to the lecture and taken the necessary notes. It really was 6 in the evening, but despite being fully dressed it took my exceedingly foggy brain a full 10 minutes to figure out that I wasn't getting up for the first time that day, and I was panicking about being late for something I had already done.

Clearly I was unfit to be upright. I went back to bed.


B said...

That makes so much more sense now you tell me it was an analogue clock you were looking at.

Loganoc said...

Sleeping in the daytime is very confusing at the best of times. I try to avoid it, although it does have that air of luxury about it.

mimi buzzard said...

How annoying. Poor you.

Mr Farty said...

Hey, you *could* have slept for 18 hours. I've known someone come into work 12 hours late for this very reason, so don't fret. At least you caught yourself after ten minutes.

You're sure this Pirate is a real person and not a hallucination brought on by the happy pills? He sounds too good to be true.

May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage. Ramen.

First Nations said...

wow...that stuff's not supposed to do that.
i've been one of the fortunate few re my medication, i know, but really, that's kind of an extreme side effect.
thanks. now i'm all worried about you AGAIN.
you do this on purpose.
it's a plot.

GreatSheElephant said...

I've been on that stuff and FN is right - it shouldn't do that. Sounds like it's still interacting with the valium. Given that SSRIs in general have a half life of at least a week, taking it 12 hours after the valium won't stop it clashing. I'd have a word with the Dr about changing. If I recall correctly, Cipramil is usually first choice to prescribe as an SSRI because it's cheapest. Doesn't mean it's the best. Tell him/her it's making work impossible.

How's the farting by the way?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

B: oops. yeah.

Loganoc: I went through a period my second year of uni where i took a one-hour nap each afternoon as the sun was coming through my window and warming the foot of my bed. my, that was decadent!

mimiB: if that's the most annoying thing that happens to me, i'm doing pretty well!

Farty: rAmen, brotha!

FN: that's right, it's one big conspiracy to turn you into a quivering mass or worryworts. every time something goes wrong my very first thought is "How will this make FN feel??" 'Cuz it's clearly ALL about you! ;-p

GSE: well, i've only got 2 days worth of the valium left anyway, so i'll just stick it out and see what happens. i'm worried about going off the valium, tho. that was the drug that made the single biggest difference in my condition.

fartings much better, thanks. i seriously cut back on the wheat and am eating more rice and oats, which have a lower GI index anyway, so that's good. also no more onions. so sad! *sniffs*

llewtrah said...

Sometimes I dream I'm at work and wake up thinking I've already been at work (and usually forgotten something).

Sometimes I have those odd nested dreams where I dream I'm waking up and I go through my morning routine before noticing some little detail that tells me I'm dreaming. So I wake up again and do it all again ... and it's a dream. I have done this 5 or 6 times in a row sometimes before managing to wake up.