Saturday, May 05, 2007

Personality Test

This is a personality test we used to give each other in school. It's wierdly revealing. Answers in the comments, please!

1. What is your favorite color, and WHY?

2. What is your favorite body of water, and WHY? (This can be anything, from a puddle to the Pacific, from the toilet bowl to the oceans of Titan. It can be real or fictional.)

3. What is your favorite animal, and WHY? (again, real (extinct or extant), or fictional/mythological.)

The most important element to these questions is the WHY.

I'm going to be gone for the weekend, and as soon as I get back I'm taking off for America, so it's going to be a while before I can get around to responding to these and tell you what your answers are meant to reveal about yourself. But that's ok, because the longer I'm gone the longer it'll be before we all laugh at you.

Ta, my darlings!


First Nations said...

1. What is your favorite color: cerulean to peacock BLUE
WHY? Honestly I don't know. I just like it. And there are times that I become almost fascinated with it. A blue item will stop me in my tracks. My kitchen is mostly blue, and in my garden the color predominates.

2. What is your favorite body of water: Johnson Creek
WHY? I grew up playing in and near it. It ran near my house, looped around my middle school, passed under the loggia/reading room of the town library and emptied out into the Willamette right in the middlle of town. This was when they built things around natural features instead of over them, and it brought wild nature into the center of everything.

3. What is your favorite animal: tossup between dogs and crows
WHY? They enjoy their lives.

violetforthemoment said...

1: Favourite colour is emperor purple, because it looks sort of luxurious and elegant. Also because I am hideously vain and apparently dark pruple makes me look thinner and paler than I actually am.

2: Favourite body of water: any warm bath or swimming pool I'm about to step into. The feel of being in water is what I like rather than the look of it, I grew up in Cumbria and am so bored of picturesque lakes.

3: Couldn't decide between a dog, because they seem happy and innocent and cheer me up when I see them, or a tiger because they're beautiful and powerful and can pretty much do what they want with their lives, which I rather envy.

Anonymous said...

1. Favourite colour. Lime Green. It symbolises freedom,and stuff. Alsomy underwear is that colour today.
2 The English Channel because I can see it. And hear it And smell it a little as well. Is that OK or does that prove Im Bonkers?
3. Sticking with Prairie Dog-cuz they are funny little fuckers!

Warrior Two said...

1. My favorite color is blue, always has been. All shades of it. I tend to run hot and anxious as a person, and blue is calming, cooling, soothing, and lovely. It's the color of beautiful dreams and spring skies.

2. My favorite body of water...damn that is hard. I'll have to say the Pacific Ocean. I grew up near it's power, and it holds so many exotic lands, and loads of crazy-gorgeous wildlife.

3. My favorite animal is the common housecat. I grew up around loads of them, and so I seem to understand them, empathize with them, and find them endlessly amusing. I love their rebellious nature, their feistiness, their playfulness, their purring. They can be silly or graceful, and very loving. And also bat-ass crazy.

Timorous Beastie said...

Favourite colour - dark earthy terracota reddish. 'Cos it's warm looking.

Favourite body of water - any hot bath that I am about to climb into, because I love bathing.

Favourite animal - dogs, because their love, fear, and desire is writ large all over their faces and bodies.

Frobisher said...

Favourite colour - blue, love it all - blue skies/eyes/ocean and turquoise excites me, although I never wear it or have much in the house.

water - kennet & avon canal, cause it goes so far, with great little places all along its way, wonderful for walking along. Go to Bradford-upon-Avon CB, you'll love it, not far from you.

Animal - dogs (is a pattern emerging with your readers?) unconditional love, easy to read them. Happy, sad, excited - I get so much joy from them.

homo escapeons said...

Menopause Blue,
you know the mandatory colour worn by the Mother of the Groom.

Shark Alley,
Dyer Island is where almost all of those pictures of Great Whites hurling themselves out of the water are taken.
I simply must see that with my own eyes before I exit.

The world's largest dolphin that kills Great Whites just to nibble on their livers...HELLO!

Homer said...

Green because it's fresh and springtime. Howe Sound in British Columbia because it's heart-stoppingly beautiful. Sea otters because they hold hands (paws) when they float on their backs in pairs.

Analyse me, biyatch!

Dave said...

Favourite colour: terracotta orange with a hint more red; because of the warmth, of course. I have a large abstract I painted near my computer as I speak; it's mostly red, with hints of orange.

Favourite body of water: my bath. I just love to soak in really hot water with a good book to read. No-one can get at me there. It's probably a regression to the womb.

Favourite animal: a horse. I love the sensation of a strong yet soft body between my legs [sorry, I was trying to give you something worth analysing there].

GreatSheElephant said...

1. Um - don't know and don't know. It changes depending on mood.
2. Pacific Ocean. It just seems that much more exciting than the boring old Atlantic.
3. Cats, because they like me and they are cuddly.

Anonymous said...
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Miss Melville said...

1.) Maritime Blue, the one that you see as paint in historically sufficient New England Cap Cod dining rooms. That rich, blue color that makes me think of deep, cold water on a hot day. WHY? Because it makes me think of deep, cold water on a hot day, the boats that skim across it, and perhaps the fishermen on those boats.

2.) The North Atlantic. WHY? It's deep and cold and surrounded by craggy rocks and pebble beaches and there are whales swimming about in it. Also, puffins. And it touches the Canadian Maritime Provinces, and I really, REALLY want to live there.

3.) A sheep. Specifically, Shetland or Icelandic Sheep. WHY? They are small, hardy, compact, useful and full of personality. They provide beautiful wool which I will proceed to spin into yarn for sweaters and socks and hats and mittens. And who doesn't appreciate roasted leg of lamb?

... I think I've played this little quizzie before, but what's life if you can't laugh at yourself for falling for the same stuff over and over, eh?

First Nations said...

aaaaand that's just what i did.
fell for it again.

oh i see myself as cyanotic yet oddly fascinating, full of crawdads and mercury, and i'm looking for an omnivorous flying scavenger that likes to roll in dead shit. great.

Frobisher said...

Oh! so I'm a needy, white supremist size queen :-0

GreatSheElephant said...

anonymous spoilt the fun. Boo to anonymous

patroclus said...

Boo to anonymous too! Luckily I have already forgotten what anonymous said, though. So on with the game:

Favourite colour: not just one, but the combination of orange, pink, dark red and turquoise. No wait, that sounds disgusting. But I like that combination, because it's what I have in my bedroom, and my bedroom is ace.

Favourite body of water: The river Orb in the Languedoc in France. Because it's calm in parts and rough in parts, so it's great for canoeing, and it winds through some really beautiful medieval hill villages.

Favourite animal: Either a cat, because it is the totem animal of the internet, and I love the internet, me, or a slow-worm, because it is understated but doesn't seem to mind, or an owl, because owls look too weird to be birds and yet they are birds.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

anonymous sucks. i bet s/he tell people the endings to movies, too.

Da Nator said...

I missed anonymous' post, so I'll play, even though I vaguely recall doing this quiz elsewhere before...

1. Black. I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside.

2. The Atlantic ocean. Because I grew up near it and have enjoyed many days and nights on its shore from Maine to Florida.

3. Kittehs, of course. Because I (not so) secretly am one.

Ezri said...

ok, game on.

Favorite color: definitely blue - it's serene, it's dark, it's a thousand different shades in the ocean. I've also been preassigned it by my niece who's given the entire family designated favorite colors (by default Dad got green which he's got ambivalent feelings for).

Favorite body of water: The Atlantic Ocean for sure. That's the tropical island thing. I was swimming in it before I could walk, and I can see it from my bedroom window. When I'm away from it I go into withdrawl.

Favorite animal: sea turtles. I worked on the Turtle Project as a teen and have been fascinated by them ever since. They've got an internal compass and no matter where in the world they are, they can always find the beach where they were born.

Shelley said...

1. Purple - because it screams passion.

2. I love the Pacific Ocean. I swam in it before I could walk and it's always a calming influence.

3. Specifically - Xerox my cat. He's beautiful, big, and a gray ghost. His eyes are amber-yellow-gold and he snuggles better than anyone. He's been my cat for almost 17 years and he's my best friend.

llewtrah said...

Fave colour - green (i was raised in a rural setting and green means grass, trees, unripe crops, pondweed etc)

Body of water - a hot bath, preferably scented.

Animal - cat. My cat would use me as a scratching post if I answered any other way.

Lorna said...

Colour: I love red, but it has to be that dark, pillar-box red not the cherry kind. Best on shoes (pooh to you, Mr H C Andersen, with your tales of women's shoe vanity!) or fornt room walls. The new house doesnt's have a red front room (or a red any room, come to think of it), and I am feeling a little mopey and colour-deprived, as we're not allowed to repaint.

Water: I do like the River Cam, but that's mainly because it's the nearest river and is good for floating on in a punt. Other than that, I'd say Ullswater back up near home. This is despite the fact that I was perpetually being dragged round it and other Lakes as a child along with the rest of my primary school on the grounds that it was good for us and we were absorbing culture and nature, when all we were really absorbing was mud and Kendal Mint Cake. It really is wonderful up in the Lakes, though, and Ullswater is a bit less touristy than Windermere. I miss the north/hills/proper rivers/gradients in general a lot now that I'm down here in the flat fens.

Animal: I'm very keen on owls. Something to do with the way they tilt their heads when they look at you. Aww. A bit less 'aww' if you're a mouse, probably, but still...

Have fun in America!

hendrix said...

This has been driving me mad. Every time I read the questions I have a different answer...but finally after much (well some) consideration here you go...

Favourite colour - the gorgeous deep dark opaque purple/grey of storm clouds or thick wet paint.

Favourite body of water - the North Sea.

Favourite Animal. Love all the big cats but my favourite has to be the cougar. On my first visit to the mount Faron zoo in Toulon I knelt down at the side of the enclosure tophotograph one and it walked towards me, then stared and stood dead still. We actually locked eyes for (according to F) about three minutes and it was (and is) one of the most intense and amazing experiences of my life. Never did get the photo though...

hendrix said...

Oops forgot the why's (which is probably extremely psychologically telling!)

1. Why dark opaque purplish grey. Because it's such a luminous sumptuous colour. I love mixing the shade when I'm painting just to have the pleasure of moving the paintbrush through it.

2. Why the North Sea? Because it's unpredictable, cold, wild and inhospitable. I think that your life expectancy if you're washed overboard in it is 2 minutes max.

3. Already answered that one.