Friday, June 29, 2007

Cirlcle of life

My aunt is sick. Again.

She's in the hospital with congestive heart failure AND pneumonia. And yet, amazingly, she doesn't appear to be at death's door. The fam have told me not to bother flying home.

The doctor told her, effectively, "You're a time bomb. But given that you're 80 years old and morbidly obese, you knew that anyway. So what's really changed?"

"What do I do now?" she asked.

"Well," said the wise doctor. "Whatever you please. There's no point spending your last days sitting in a rocking chair waiting for The Big One. Go live your life."

"I was thinking about taking a vacation."

"Good idea. You should do that."

"But what if I have a heart attack and die in (insert resort town here)?"

"What if you do? What difference does it make if you die here or in Boca?"



I like this doctor.


homo escapeons said...

Bravo! At some point in history the West must look in the mirror and face Death with a modicum of dignity.

Most of us are hoping to either die in our sleep or drown in the fountain of eternal youth.

Any day now there will be a tsunamic wave of resurrected, reconconverting, Boomers rushing back to the church of their youth to get a little 'fire insurance'. Just in case.

In the very near future Boomers are going to start dying in droves and set all time Death records that will never be repeated in the Occident.

The Funeral Business will equal the growth rate of all the Schools, Hospitals, Malt Shops and Hamburger joints in the 40s,50s & 60s when they were being born.

On the other hand I think that most of the Boomers will put their stamp on Death by changing Funeral programs to reflect new attitudes.

Modern attitudes and technology will help rescue these traditional, dour, morbid, affairs into lively multi media events that celebrate LIFE.

Save all of the "Do you know where you will be spending eternity" questions for the armchair philosophers and the ostriches.
I'll be (g)hosting a BIG party!

Tim Footman said...

My grandma was a bit of hypochondriac drama queen. She went to her medic one day and said, "Oy, doctor, I think I'm dying!"

"Well, you are," said the doc. "We all are."

"Fair point," she said, and went home for a cup of tea.

Lorna said...

Good for the doctor. My evil Grandma spent her entire life not doing things, and hiding money away for a rainy day which never came. That's no way to go. I hope your aunt goes off for a long and fabulous holiday involving beaches and cocktails (or whatever she'd prefer), and comes home with a warm glow when she thinks of what a great time she's had.

Babs said...

Sorry your aunt is ill, but glad she has a doctor like that!! My landlord is like that, 'What if this and what if that?' and I always tell her 'Pah, go on and do it anyway. What's the difference?' If you're truly worried about going, go in style, I say.

I hope your aunt decides to take a lovely hol. I'm thinking Bimini!

ziggi said...

so do I!

We should slide into the grave shouting what a wonderful ride!

Dave said...

If HE is right about the boom in deaths any day soon, I may be able to live the rest of my life in the way I wish to become accustomed, on the funeral fees.

Only joking, in case anyone believes I'm a penny-pinching clergyman. Why, I have been known to give gifts to my hostess.

Mr Farty said...

When my stepson was diagnosed with leukemia, he went on holiday to Australia. When he was told it was terminal, he held a party - didn't see why he should miss his own wake. I like Aunty's doctor too.

PMSL at your driving story!

helena said...

What a sensible doctor - hope your aunt takes his advice.

My grandma recently told me a story about an OAP coach trip to France where one of the ladies did die - apparently they propped her body up on the back seat and told the customs people she was asleep.