Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pope Ratzinger is at it again. Could he possibly be any more assenine, i ask you?!


homo escapeons said...

"If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite irate."

How can anyone in the 21st Century abide by this blatant archaic chauvenistic bullsh*t!

I suppose that the VatiCANT still prescribes the withdrawal method to ensure that more Catholicas are created to fill the coffers.

Sexy time should be like-a Borat, eh, when a man makes a sexy-time with his wife yes, it ends with a romance explosion on woman's stomach..Great Success!

Ezri said...

Well, not that I doubted that the Rotweiler of God was a prick, but this just adds onto the score really.

I'm with you homo escapeons, it's pretty hard to believe that we can be in the 21st century. The weird thing is that so few people think about what buying into this stuff means really. They preach about it, but they don't need to experience the hardship it causes so why should they worry. Cuz let's face it, Razts is never going to be pregnant from rape and desperately poor. It costs him nothing to cast stones at everyone else.

Bleh- will stop now before I get reeeeaaaallly steamed- it's the recovering catholic thing - the shame lingers...

Mr Farty said...

The final paragraph says it all.
"The Vatican withdrew funding from the Unicef in 1996 after the international children’s charity distributed post-intercourse spermicide to young women in refugee camps who had been raped."

Perhaps people should stop funding the Catholic Church? They don't sound like Christians to me.


First Nations said...

could he be any more asinine?
oh yes.
just wait.

realdoc said...

He wears red shoes by Prada, you know and has a 'personal assistant' who looks like George Clooney. In these circumstances any talk of sperm wasted is a bit pot/kettle if you ask me.

ZB said...

Asses tend to be a religious stock in trade. Both riding them and behaving like one.

Michael said...

The church is a huge fucking corporation and he's the CEO, making sure the stock meets quarterly projections. Oh, and the business they're in? It's got nothing to do with saving souls.

As for his actions "not sounding Christian", I beg to differ. I think you meant "not sounding Christ-like."

First Nations said...

EEEEEEEEXCELLENT point, michael!

Geosomin said...

Unbloody believable.
Way for his popeness to oversimplify and turn something of personal choice into a religous tirade. They're cutting off their noses and all manner of things to spite their faces it seems to me.
And people I know wonder why I'm just "not very religious" anymore.