Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tex Mex Brekkie

Get involved with this, peeps:

1 onion bagel
1 egg
sharp cheddar cheese

  • toast bagel
  • grate cheese
  • put cheese on bagel
  • fry egg
  • put salsa on egg
  • put egg in bagel
  • eat

seriously good breakfast. and the tomatoes in the salsa give you the vitamin C you need to get the most nutritional value out of the egg. mmmm.


Hannah said...

It's as much as I can do to coordinate the toaster in the morning.

Dave said...

Breakfast isn't the time to be thinking about nutrition.

hendrix said...

breakfast isn't the time to be thinking about anything other than whether or not to have another cup of black coffee.

First Nations said...

well for heavens' sake, lookit you eating all these eggs; thats why you keep farting up everyones exercise balls.

First Nations said...

...that came out wrong but i stand by it.

Liz said...

God, I *love* those onion bagels. Hubba hubba.

My Waitrose is doing duck's eggs at the moment. I think I'll have a cheesy duck egg salsa bagel for breakfast. Hurray!

GreatSheElephant said...

I echo FN's sentiment, except with regards to the onions in the bagel. Bagels are fart provoking enough but onions for breakfast? Oy.

llewtrah said...

I thought a Mexican breakfast was a tequila and a hand-rolled ciggie. I usually have All Bran and fruit for brekkie. The Tex Mex bagel would make a good lunch for me.

Loganoc said...

Onion bagels are disgusting. Especially when you're expecting the little dark bits to be raisins. ugh.

ziggi said...

what's a bagel?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Hannah: the toaster should liaise with the coffee pot and they should sort themselves out. they shouldn't need supervision or coordination from you!

dave. dave dave dave dave dave...

hc: black coffee. ick. i take mine with 98% milk and 2% coffee.

FN: i only fart up my own balls thank you very much.

liz: get in!

GSE: yeah, onion farts are doubly stinky. thank dawkins i live alone!

llewtra: you're right, that IS a MEXICAN breakfast. Tex Mex is different. It's fake mexican food for fat white people. don't ever confuse the two. The mexicans are very tetchy about this, i assure you.

locanoc: raisin bagels are disgusting, especially when you're expecting the dark bits to be onion.

ziggi: you're kidding, right?

Frobisher said...

Hmm . . . well bagels are low fat, some salsas contain sugar and salt, cheese! we don't eat cheese for brekkie in England!! full of fat.

You'd be better off with a nice bowl of porridge, giving you a sustained energy release all morning & loads of fibre. It stick to your ribs!

EmmaK said...

sounds like a tasty breakfast, but with a hangover it would probably end up for me as: burn bagel, grate fingers along with the cheese, fry egg and get burning oil in my eye...toss the whole thing in the bin and go to McDonalds for one of those plastic cheese McMuffins.

Sassy Sundry said...

One of my favorites. Yummy. I make it with a tortilla, though.

GreatSheElephant said...

emmak - you can get McBagels now too!

CB - you need to remind me of your email addy so I can send you the blovel invitation

Babs said...

Living in NYC has made me such a bagel snob. I know, I know it's a horrible thing. I won't touch them anywhere else--I just can't. I'm normally quite open-minded, though. Really.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

frobi: no, you don't eat cheese for breakfast in England. Instead you eat fried eggs, sausages, fried mushrooms, fried tomatoes, and FRIED BREAD!!! eeeeeewww!!!

emmak: McBarf! (but i admit, i do love their strawberry milkshakes.)


Babs: the last time I was at Liberty airport I had 2 dollars left in my pocket and wanted a filling snack, so i searched for a bagel joint. I asked for a plain bagel, toasted, but no cream cheese. The girl said "$1.90."
"What!?" I replied in my best fake brooklyn accent. "$1.90 for a friggin' bagel? what is that, like, the tourist price?"
"Oh, sorry," the girl said. "I pressed the wrong button. It's $1.30."
So apparently that WAS the tourist price! Ha!

llewtrah said...

I'm on All Bran and fruit for brekkie. And probably for dinner and tea too. I wore my summer trousers for the first time this year and they are too tight!