Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boozeberry Muffins!

I am a GYNIUS!

Last July the Pirate and I picked a bunch of loganberries, some of which we ate, and some of which i dropped into bottles of gin, the better for drinking.

This week I extracted the berries from the gin, which is now such a deep red it looks blacker than red wine and it totaly opaque, and holy SHIT does it taste good!

The berries i strained in a cheesecloth, but it seemed senseless to waste the pulp (for it was nothing but pale pink, gin-soaked pulp at that point), so what did I do?

I put the berries in muffins -- boozeberry muffins! Fucking GENIUS, me.


First Nations said...

You are the Martha Stewart of Chaucer scholars, verily!

blackberries in vodka is another good one. it's wooooooonderful!

how did the muffins turn out tasting?

hendrix said...

Ooh yes - blackberries in vodka is gorgeous but you have to hide the jar otherwise people drink it without your permission.

Blackcurrant gin is another good one to try. As is plum vodka and raspberry gin and of course sloe gin (if you can find the sloes) but my favourite is raspberry gin. Drink of the Gods that is.

Never thought of using the fruit in baking though - I'll give that a try...

Geosomin said...

I'm jealous.

ziggi said...

cooking? pah!
I'd have eaten them with ice cream, that's as far as my skill with a spoon goes.
You are indeed a genie of some kind.

Valerie said...

Why yum!

I am sorry I have been absent from your blog comments for so long.. I certainly returned to a tasty blog post. It sounds fabulous. Drunken muffins. Mmm.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

FN: they were feckin' YUMMY. even the Pirate liked them!

HC: i did blackberries in vodka last summer. good, but i prefer gin. (i can't do raspberries. Pirate would cry. they're his fav, but he teatotals. I think his head would 'splode if he saw me putting raspberries in gin!)

geo: that's what you get for taunting me with your peach pies!!! *spbpbpbpbt!*

ziggi: ooh, ice cream. that's another good idea.

val: the alkyhol cooks out, but the taste remains. bonus!

Rimshot said...

Shall I send you my address to expedite your sending a (large) sampling of the muffins? I'll pay the postage! (I'll also have to take a day off from my newly instituded Spartan nutritional plan)

llewtrah said...

I had some booze soaked razzers once so I made them into trifle :)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

rimshot: if you're prepare to shell out the (roughly) 50 pounds it will cost to overnight international post the muffins, i will bake them and send them to you. but it's probably cheaper for you to do it yourself. get some berries. soak them in booze for a couple months. Strain them out. Then find any old blueberry muffin recipe and substitue your boozeberries. nothin' to it!

llewtrah: ginny razzers sounds bril, but i really loathe triffle. eurgh.

homo escapeons said...

Muff diving to nibble on Gin soaked booze Berries sounds like the start of something beautiful.
You are a Ginius!