Thursday, August 02, 2007

I am going

where am i going?


Not forever. Just for a couple weeks.

Pirate and I are taking our first ever proper holiday together. We are going up to his parents' house near Preston for a couple days (so he can get in a couple games of cricket at his old hometown club, where he learned cricket as a mere sprog), and then we are going...



We'll be a few days in the burgh of Edin, and then we're spending a couple days at a farm in the middel of nowhere, out in the countryside, where we cannot hear cars
or sirens
or shitehawks
or drunk people
or shitehawks
or the tittybar downstairs
or the drunk people chasing the shitehawks outside the tittybar downstairs.

All I want to hear at night, just for a couple nights, is crickets, cattle lowing, and nightengales. And maybe owls. Owls are ok, too.

Peace. and. quiet.

I can't wait. I will bring you excellent stories of broken beds in B&B's when I return. And there may possibly be a blogmeet, if the lovely and vibrant Hendrix Cat can arrange her schedule. Updates in a couple weeks, peeps!

Fare thee weel, my luve!


hendrix said...

Oh bugger. Lovely and vibrant? That's a tall order...

Lorna said...

Pirate's from Preston? Yay! I'm from that neck of the woods too: just make sure he doesn't bring you to Tokyo Jo's when you're up there, and you'll be right.

Have a great time - say hi to the hills for me (I'm hill-deprived over here in Cambridge), and the proper beer. Just don't be too hard on those beds...

First Nations said...

oo! oo! go see hendrix! and get really drunk and party and shop and visit fancy restaurants and go out tagging and take off your shirts and flash passing cars and then blog all about it and MAKE ME JEALOUS AS FUCK.

yeah, shag the bed to pieces too...go on. I'm past caring.

thank you for letting me borrow your deceased pets, btw!
muchas smoochas! XOOfn

homo escapeons said...

Well I suppose that it is all bedknobs and broomsticks from here on in.
Well bugger off then and don't worry 'bout us...we'll adjust...somehow.

I miss you already...
are you almost finished yer 'oliday then?

Right..well I guess that I'll just sit here and watch your meez until you get back.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

hc: you can manage. aren't you, like, 6' tall or something?

lorna: what's tokyo joe's? i intend to be very hard on the beds, spank you very much.

FN: i don't know what tagging is, but the rest of it sounds bril. what you've described, however, is decidedly a girls night on the toon kind of thing, but our mens will be present at this assembly, so i suspect it will be somewhat tamer than your imagination. loads of fun nonetheless, though.

homo: bedknobs and broomsticks, eh? that sounds delighfully kinky. would you like me to change the animation on my meez, so you can have a change of scenery?

Billy said...


I assume you mean EEDINBORROW (!)

Sounds fun though. have a fantastic time.

Murph said...

If you say "Jings, crivvens, help ma boab" you will impress everyone. Not in Preston, though.

GreatSheElephant said...

I can quite honestly say that I never spotted a single nightingale in all my years in Scotland. Midges - yes, that's a different matter. Take insect repellent.

Dave said...

What GSE said - it will be the singing of midges, not crickets, that you hear.

ziggi said...

have fun! Well after you've vacated his mother's!

Hannah said...

Bloody typical - just when I'm in London! If you want a raft of recommendations, drop me an email.

llewtrah said...

ooh - peace, quiet, isolation and undisturbed sex!!!!

Lorna said...

You'll know Tokyo Jo's by the pink neon sign featuring a geisha girl, and the hordes of drunk Preston lads outside (not to mention Blackpool lads, for whom this whole sort of thing is reet classy, like), trying to pinch girls' bottoms.

It's actually on Church St, down near the French Connection shop. Seriously, though, I'd avoid unless you like getting your arse pinched abouit 40 times each time you walk across the dancefloor. Go down the road and round the corner to The Warehouse instead - far more fun. Or else go to the Wellie (The Wellington Boot) nearby for super-cheap cocktails and a fun atmosphere. Or to the Old Black Bull on Friargate Hill for the BEST exterior decor ever, plus nice pints with actual heads on them. Or Wise coffee house (other end of Friargate, neaer the Uni, where I used to teach!) for lovely coffee, pastries, sandwiches, etc... Ohh - I miss home so much!! Have fun for me.