Thursday, October 11, 2007

Total Hydraulic Failure

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow.


OMG the pain. I started training in earnest again this week for rowing. I am officially back in action. YAY!!! After a summer of core stability exercises, pilates, and cycling 50-100 miles a week to visit the Pirate, my heart and legs are in pretty good shape but the rest of me needs serious work.

It began Monday morning with boxing. I love boxing. But I'd forgotten how much you use your abs, lats, and lower back to stabilize yourself while you're punching away. Ow the first.

Tuesday was 3x15 mins on the erg, r18-20, best split we could pull and record the meters at the end. This is not a significantly strenuous workout. As erg workouts go it's maybe half as hard as what we would consider a really really really good workout, but by the third set I was in splinters. Ow the second.

Wednesday morning was more boxing. (Notice that up to this point it's only been one training session a day. That's light. Normally we do two. This is to ease us back.) Whee!

Wednesday afternoon was a water training session. I cycled to the boathouse (50 min reasonably quick ride), did 12k on the water in a double scull at UT2, and cycled home again. (That's a total of 4 hours of exercise in one day, amigos.) When I left for the boathouse on the glorious, sunny, amber autumn afternoon that was yesterday the pain of boxing still hadn't caught up to me yet. It's a bit like drinking beer before liquer; the absorbtion rates are different and it all hits you at the same time. You know how you feel when you drink a few pints of lager and then move on to the tequila? Yeah, that kind of trainwreck. Ow the third.

By the time I got home I couldn't bend over. Not because I was so stiff, but because the muscles in my lower back were so fatiuged and exhausted that if I started to bend to, say, pick up a cup from the coffee table, I coudn't stop myself mid-bend and I just went all the way down to the floor. And then found myself unable to stand up straight again without using my arms to "walk" up a wall or piece of furniture. Pirate described it as "total hydraulic failure," and that's exactly what it was. By the third time it happened he was doing "robot death" sound-effects -- you know the kind.

I decided I should probably take today off.

In preparation for the 2k erg test I have to do tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for "Ow the Fourth."


Rimshot said...

I remember the days of "ow ow ow ow ow!" and have nothing but empathy for you, CB.

Do you have the funds and/or time for a proper massage? Great for working all the lactic acid out (and drink plenty of extra water).

llewtrah said...

Ow! I hurt in sympathy just reading that. I do bicep curls. Lift cup of coffee, sip, lower cup of coffee, repeat.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

rimshot: who needs to pay for a massage when you've got a boyfriend?!?!? Pirate has promised to spend as long as it takes on my back tomorrow. (read that however you like.)

llewtrah: it's time to increase your weight load. use a heavier mug.

Miss Melville said...

HAHAHAH... that's what you get for exercising, my favorite skinny bitch!

LOVE YOU. Have the pirate rub something on it. ;)

Dave said...

'You know how you feel when you drink a few pints of lager and then move on to the tequila?'


helena said...

I got sympathy pangs just reading that.

ZB said...

I decided I should probably take today off.

In preparation for the 2k erg test I have to do tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for "Ow the Fourth."

Hey. Start slow, finish fast. Much better than starting fast and dying after 750. Remember (this is true. Kev the coach who is God told me so it must be. He's won Henley. Lots) in the last 500 hundred of a 2k, you can make up more time than you can in the first 500. In the last minute of that 2k, if you can SPRINT against your failing body, take the rate up by 10 plus strokes a minute and nix the split then you can take up to 15 seconds off your time. Honest. It works. The key is that your first three splits should be within a second of each other, and your last one kills it. Splits that look like 1-38, 145, 1-47, 1-38 equal slow time. Splits that are consistent equal fast time. Go for it. (And next time try a recovery session of 20 - 30 mins GENTLE the day after the 3 x 15 and before the 2k test. Forcing blood through your muscles at a low heart rate gets rid of toxins, heals the microtears in the muscles and reenergises them more than having a day off). Kick ass. Take names.

Geosomin said...

So um...does the term moderation mean anything to you ? :P

I'm not one to talk, but man, I'm aching just reading all you've done this week. And totally take the pirate up at the massage thing. My husband does not have those're lucky lucky...

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Herman's Bitch: there will be massages. oh yes there will.

dave: to be honest, neither do i. i don't like lager and i've never had tequila. i was just trying to put the story in a context my more, er, "working class" (*makes rabbit-ear gestures with fingers*) readers could understand. clearly such pursuits are not of our sphere.

HC: i get sympathy hunger reading about the French food in your post. how very mutual!

Herebe: ta for the advice. this isn't going to have a good result. i havn't trained with any sort of real intensity for almost a year. plus i have a headcold. so i really don't know what kind of splits i should be aiming for. to be honest, if i can pull this off in 7:55 i'll be pretty damn happy. will let you know.

Sal said...

what herebe said. plus Tiger Balm. plus Radox Muscle for the evenings.

what's "UT2"?

ZB said...

It's like UT 1 but slower.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

i don't have a bathtub, so no radox muscle soak for me. but i do have icy-hot, which is even better than tiger balm. doesn't smell as nice, though.

Sal said...

then don't rub it on your nose

zb: cheers

Sal said...

[zb: and switch your comments on again you big girls blouse. or let us know your email address. otherwise you're unreachable.
i was going to make a joke then, but i couldn't find any way to write it that couldn't potentially sound mean. so how about we all just go "ha ha" and avoid any hurt feelings, eh?]

Sal said...

[hey, how about we hijack ceebee's comments in a sort of interactive underblog?]

Sal said...

[today i am reading a 100 year old book reprinting a 160 year old work by macauley. it's excellent.
clive was an asbo thug who got lucky. second-most successful general ever. makes me wonder whether alexander drowned kittens as a youth.]

Sal said...

[sorry: yoof]

Sal said...

[i got the book for 20p along with a handful of stuart crystal brandy balloons for a tenner. bargain! small town antique stores rock.
the stella doesn't half fizz up in them, though.]

Sal said...

[hey herebe, lookit i just re-ran across:
Indie deepest darkest wilds of Putney]

Chaucer's Bitch said...

zb: sal's right- turn your comments back on.

sal: consider me hijacked.

Sal said...

you could turn this into your official underblogging post!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

what's an underblog? it sounds like some new superhero of the internets...

"Wherever there is spam, he is there: UNDERBLOG!"

ZB said...

clive was an asbo thug who got lucky. second-most successful general ever. makes me wonder whether alexander drowned kittens as a youth.]

Yeah. I know. He rewrote the tune onward christian soldiers to include the words Maxim gun (early machine gun:

Onward Chartered soldiers, on to heathen lands
Prayer books in your pockets, rifles in your hands.
Take the glorious tidings where trade can be done
Spread the peaceful gospel - with a maxim gun.

Tell the wretched natives, sinful in their hearts
Turn their heathen temples into spirit marts,
And if to your teachings they will not succumb
Give them another sermon with a maxim gun

When the ten commandments they quite understand
You their Chief must hocus and annex their land
And if they misguided call you to account,
Give them another sermon - with a maxim from the mount.

And he made his soldiers sing it as they tramped over Africa. great days. Imperial expansion, funded by private venture capitalists, undertaken by private individuals, in the name of the british empire.

Smith 6079? Great band. Far better when I was in them, of course. I'm still waiting for my publishing props from them. I'll be waiting a long time, I suspect.

I've tried to turn my comments on. They aren't coming up on the screen?

ZB said...

What score did you get ceebs?

Sal said...

>damn. i was enjoying having my comments page hijacked by sal for sending messages to you.

*charity hijack*

Sal said...

everyone loves the underblog

Sal said...

singing! "underblog, underblog. does whatever a blogger can."

"Spammers are a superstitious cowardly lot -- so I have to wear a disguise that will strike terror into their hearts! I must be a creature of the night, black, terrible, like a...a... like the UNDERBLOGGER!!1"
-- Batman, The Secret History

Sal said...

everyone loves thee, underblog