Saturday, October 13, 2007

What's the difference...

...between France and a teabag?

A teabag stays in the cup longer!!!



Timorous Beastie said...

Arf, you make me laugh Bitch. I told Timorous Beast your joke and the big softie said "Aaah, that's not really fair though!"

Frobisher said...

How far did the USA get in the cup?


But well done - what an excellent game although a few more tries wouldn't have gone amiss, I always said they had it in them to win, etc. etc. etc.

Miss Melville said...

I watched this game in a pub in Braemor, where the VAST majority of the natives were cheering for France. I was amazed at first, but then I remembered their genetic hatred of the English... I guess it's like rooting for Notre Dame Football and whoever is playing U of M.

I think a group of us are going to the Scotland v. England game in Edinburgh-- I here tell these things are AWESOME. :)

First Nations said...

see, I was expecting a COMPLETELY different sort of punchline.

it was good, too.

helena said...

From my own (English) point of view it was almost worth France losing, now I get to look forward to England getting soundly beaten in the next game.

Rimshot said...

What sport are we talking about?

ZB said...

What's the difference between the australian rugby team and a 747? The 747 stops whining when it lands.

homo escapeons said...

My Word!
Back here in the New World we are completely in the dark about rugby ..if the players used steroids,started Rapping and had their own line of sneakers we'd start a heartbeat!

We can't even watch Darts or Toffs on Horses trotting over the heads of exhausted Foxes on basic Cable pedestrian.

The wide world of sports is now down to Celebrity Poker and Curling. ugh!

ZB said...

I watched this game in a pub in Braemor, where the VAST majority of the natives were cheering for France.

I watched the England/Tonga game in a pub in Berwick while waiting for the southbound train. Every last Scot was cheering for Tonga. Weejie soapdodging rats that they are. Proud warrior race, my arse. Your men are crap at fighting and your women are lousy in bed.

he he.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

tb: sounds like your beast is the charlie brown type -- always empathizes with the loser. good sort of fellow, that.

frobi: american's don't play real sports.

herman's be-yotch: nothing unites... etc etc.

fn: what sort of punchline were you expecting? if you're going to tell jokes you have to share them with the whole class!

Helena: you may well get your wish. south africa are fucking scary. there was one guy whose neck was so thick i couldn't tell if he even had a head or if his shoulders got a zit.

rimshot: rugby. it's like (american) football, only played by athletes, who don't wear pads, and don't stop every 10 seconds to pat each other's asses.

zb: hehehe.

hello, homo! personally i think it's awesome that ESPN runs the national spelling bee live every year. now that's a sport!

zb: so you've shagged a lot of scottish women, then? not surprising, really-- with all the men out in the fields with the sheep the women must be getting pretty desperate.

ZB said...

yeah. the sheep were all taken so I had to lower my standards.