Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hair and hamsters

first, the hamsters. One hamster, actually. This one:

This is Goebbels, my new hamster. Truth is I've had him for a while, but he's camera shy and it's taken me ages to get a decent picture of him. For one thing, he's never fucking awake when I am. If I go to bed at 10 he gets up at 12. If I stay awake til 12 he sleeps until 2. Weeks have gone by where I haven't seen him once.

On the rare occasion he is awake and about, he's a fast little bastard. He doesn't sit still long enough to get a clear photo. In this case I bribed him with a yogurt treat which, by some miracle, he decided to eat immediately instead of stashing in a cheek and running off somewhere.

So why the name? He's named after this guy, another bastard:

Joseph Goebbels, head of propaganda for Hitler. Yes, I named my hamster after a Nazi. Why? Because
a. He's evil. He bites all the time. I have to wear heavy leather gardening gloves to handle him.
b. He's blonde/aryan. He's even got red eyes -- super evil!

Can you think of a better name for an evil, aryan hamster? I couldn't.

Next: Hair. I got mine cut today. Now I look like Ro Laren, but with less hotness. Also less angst. So I guess that cancels out.


fishboy said...

That rodent definitely looks like a Machiavellian schemer to me. Make sure he doesn't get out and start a PR firm with Alastair Campbell.

Dr Cox! What happened to her nose?

Frobisher said...

It doesn't sound like your getting much value for money out of your hampster, I suggest getting rid of it and getting a nice friendly rat. They are loyal and can do tricks.

Frobisher said...

And going back to your previous post, all the music suggestions were interesting & valid, but a little dated try "Twelve Stops then Home" by The Feeling. My favourite album of last year. If you like I'll burn a copy off for you.

オウム said...

Are you sure it's evil?

Surely it's just being an animal as evolution has dictated is best for it's own survival.

Great name nevertheless.

Dave said...

I think two of those three pictures look cute. I refuse to say which two though.

ziggi said...

do you believe in reincarnation?

my teenage daughter went to see The Feeling and raves about them - now I feel really old.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Fishboy: I'm sure he's plotting something. Probaby the ultimate destruction of my PhD thesis. Or possibly just how to get hold of more raisins.

Frobi: i have actually considered swapping him at the pet store, but I know if i do they'll just put him in a paper bag and run him over in the parking lot, because no one else will ever buy him! Also, cheers for the suggestion. I'll investigate and let you know if I'd like a copy. Thanks, mate!

@$&#: no, he's definately evil. I've had hamsters before (Goebbels is number 5 after Churchill, Frodo, Crumpet, and Bluto) and none of them ever bit me and they were all very socialble.

Dave: you don't have to say. we all know which team you play for.

Ziggi: I believe in reincarnation as much as I believe in devils with pitch forks and benevolent sky-fairies. Who are The Feeling?

hendrix said...

Goebbels is cute (the hamster not the Nazi, obviously) and it doesn't matter if he's a bit evil - it gives him a personality.

ps. I quite like the Feeling. Worth checking out.

Geosomin said...

I misread your comment to Ziggi and thought you were talking about bendy skibble fairies.
Now *those* I might believe in...just for kicks.

Ditto for the Feeling.

Henry North London said...

You try photographing a Doberman...

Its not easy... of all the shots I have there are only a few good ones

As for more music try this youtube from 2 minutes and 25 seconds in

The beat 'll get to you

ZB said...

Can you think of a better name for an evil, aryan hamster? I couldn't.

It depends. Has he shown any predilections for manipulating the media? I don't think so. After all, he hasn't hijacked your page and said ' I live with an evil american. She keeps handling me in gloves. This is intolerable for a hamster. As I need lebensraum, we march on the rest of her room at dawn...'

you're spreading anti-hamster propaganda.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Hendrix: ta

geo: "bendy skibble fairies???" wuh?

HNL: thanks!

ZB: it's not propaganda if it's true. the hamster is the source of all my economic woes, what with him and his sunflower see hoarding. i mean just look at him! clearly he's scheming something.

ZB said...

Yeah. Your room is his future LEBENSRAUM

llewtrah said...

You'd have loved the wildlife park we went to last week. No cute hamsters (and the otters wouldn't come out) but cute ferrets and marmosets and fluffy reindeer and .... cute overload!

pink jellybaby said...

holy shit that's a big hamster!

Da Nator said...

Awww... poor little guy. I bet you provoke him. By not being a perfect blonde aryan mother of righteous robot babies.

One of the sweetest dogs I've ever dog-sat for was a cute mutt named Rommel. What is it with pets and Nazi names? I wonder how many pets there are named Hitler.

BTW, I can second the nomination for the Feeling, who, while seeming a bit too pop for me at first, won me over with their damn catchy harmonies (and dreamy gay front man). Also, I think everyone should listen to The Darkness. If you like Def Leppard, pick up the Darkness' first album. It's like 80s hair metal meets Queen made even sillier.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your hair. I don't remember that character, but did you see Michelle Forbes in Battlestar Galactica? She was motherhumpin' scary awesome...

Chaucer's Bitch said...

zb: thank god i'm so fat he'll never be able to starve me out of it.

ll: aw! fluffy raindears! did they have bells on?

pink jellyspawn: actually he's a dwarf hamster.

Da N: aw, Rommel's a cute name for a dog. was it a german shepherd? I haven't seen Battlestar Gallactica, but if it's got Michelle Forbes in it being HAWT I just might have to watch it.