Friday, November 02, 2007

Saddle Sore

Last Saturday I cycled 25 miles (12 to the boathouse, and further 13 to the Pirate's).
Sunday I cycled 26 miles (13 each way from Pirate's to boathouse and back).
Monday I cycled 25 miles (home to Brizzle from Pirate's).
Tuesday I cycled 26 miles (13 miles each way to my chiropractor in Clevedon).
Wednesday I could have cyled to the boathouse and back (total 24 miles), but I got a lift because I was sick of cycling.
Thursday I cyled 26 miles (Clevedon and back to see my chiropractor).

Tonight I'm cycling to the Pirate's (25 miles).

Thank god the girls are in London racing this weekend, so I don't have to cycle to the boathouse. I can go to the gym and do a weights session instead.

Because on monday I have to cycle home from the Pirate's (25 miles) AND go to the chiropractor in the evening (26 miles). Total: 51 miles.

My bum hurts.


オウム said...

Does your chiropractor get many people who arrive on a cycle after that many miles?

ZB said...

Yeah. And when you pull a lousy 2k time because of overtraining, you'll know why.

Rimshot said...

You must have the heart of a rhino! My fat, lazy ass is in awe.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

???: no, but the chiro himself does occasionally cycle in to bristol, so he's familiar with the route.

zb: overtraining schmovertraining. my cardio fitness is great.

rimmy: i don't know about the heart of a rhino, but definately the arse of one!