Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nice things

Last night I went to a meeting in a pub, where I got to snorgle the pub cat. Named Moose. Big fat marmalade thing.*

I was petting him over by the bar when he got up and left abruptly. "Oh well," thought I. Imagine my delight when I collected my drink and went back to my seat and found Moose making biscuits on my coat. Yay! He settled in and stayed with me the whole evening. Yay for pub cats.

Here's a photo me making a scale model of Stonehenge for Pirate's model railroad:

*Why are marmalade cat always fat???


ZB said...

Marmalade contains a lot of sugar. Do the math.

Rimshot said...

I understood very little of this. Which is usually for the best in my experience.

I'm a bit disappointed that you weren't dressed in some sort of druidic attire while erecting your tiny stonehenge. I assume you were playing Spinal Tap in the background?

"And oh how they danced,
the little children of Stonehenge
beneath the haunted moon,
for fear that daybreak might come too soon.
And where are they now ?
The little people of Stonehenge.
And what would they say to us,
if we were here... tonight?"

FirstNations said...

marmie cats are fat because they are loveable. they go door to door being loveable and everyone feeds them. thus, they're evolving. they saw what a good gig the dogs had going using the same formula and they took NOTES.

thanks for the review of those books; that's exactly the kind of thing i hate too; its like being emotionally abused by the author. sick.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

zb: of course! why didn't i think of that?

rimmer: i've never heard anything by Spinal Tap. perhaps i should look into it.

FN: this guy was certainly no exception to the loveable rule. *SNORG!*

Annie Rhiannon said...

You and the Pirate are too cute.

ziggi said...

I hope you going to do a scale model of the 303 with the permanent traffic jam on it as well because there certainly isn't a railway line within sight!

Had 2 marmalade cats in my time and they were both enormous!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

annie: yes, yes we are.

zig: we're not putting the road in, but there will definitely be a goat tied up in the center of the circle, pre-sacrifice style, and if i can find some HO scale Darth Vaders, will add the Druids as well.

Dave said...

'where I got to snorgle the pub cat' This is presumably an American verb.

For British readers, Websters gives the following definition: 'Snorgle: verb (slang) to give a BJ'.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

oh, dear! i was using snorgle in the CuteOverload context of "stuff one's face into kitteh belly fur and generally rub nose all over fuzziest bits of cat." it's lovely. you should try it.

Rimshot said...

Well, it appears our C.B. has been a naughty kitty (so to speak)!

Anonymous said...

Nice cardigan!


Chaucer's Bitch said...

hey, i LIKE that cardigan. thou shalt not blaspheme the cardigan or thou shal feel my wroth!

Frobisher said...

Stonehenge model for Pirate's model railway?

There is no railway anywhere near Stonehenge

Geosomin said...

I think you shouldhave made it out of cheese...

Chaucer's Bitch said...

frobi: that's not the point

geo: paint doesn't adhere well to cheese; we tried it. (and i kept eating the lintels off)