Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wedding Streeeeessssssssssssss!!!

People simply won't give me the information I need!

I haven't been able to finalize the date because
I can't book a reception hall because
They won't give me the price quotes I asked for AND
I don't know how many people are coming because
Neither my fiance' NOR his family will type up a fucking GUEST LIST!!!

So I've done nothing but make wedding plans for over a month and still not a SINGLE THING IS PLANNED BECAUSE PEOPLE WON'T ANSWER MY QUESTIONS OR GIVE ME ANY FUCKING INFORMATION!!!!

I want to elope.


FirstNations said...

*whistling, looking around nonchalantly.....*

Michael said...

Good call. Don't look directly at it, as it will take that as a sign of aggression.

Ahem....Pretty girl! Pretty girl! ELOPING is the ONLY WAY, as far as I'm concerned. Of course it won't be an issue for me, seeing as I'm not legally entitled to marriage. To borrow a line from Will and Grace, go to a beach somewhere and have some witchy lesbian wave a stick over your head. Voile!

Rimshot said...

That's what you get for fraternizing with the French.

*ducks and runs*

Dave said...

A watched pot.

llewtrah said...

Invite no-one or elope. It's cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Well, my two cents is, elope. The only way to go. My wife and I wish we would have done that instead of the wedding. Makes things easier and quick and less hassle with the parental units trying to get you to do what they want even though they are not truely paying for it.

Elope, it's the best way to do it.

Geosomin said...

I sympathize.
We had to tell our family "we are booking by this day and if no list by then WE pick who is coming as we have to book". It worked.
People don't think about actually hurrying until right before the wedding...then they want all manner of things. If you're paying for it, do as you's not worth being stressed about.

We often thought eloping would have been so much easier...don't worry. It'll all come together.

belladona said...

Ring up the reception hall in this mood. Bet you'll get your quotes. Ignore the family - you'll never get a sensible answer from most people and it is far better to just carry on arranging regardless as otherwise you'll have torn out all your hair and I hear that a natural-looking bridal wig costs quite a bit.

ZB said...

Ring everyone involved in the wedding and tell them to get their fucking finger out then slam down the 'phone and get on with your PhD.

That is much more important.

You might not believe me, but it is. The Wedding will happen eventually but unless you finish your PhD, you'll always know.

oread the SSA said...

When you get quotes for things DO NOT TELL THEM IT'S FOR A WEDDING. Say, a large party. An anniversary party. Or a holiday party. Or a birthday party. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOOOOTTTT tell vendors it's for a wedding.