Thursday, May 15, 2008


I love him.

Why isn't the rest of America saying these things? Why is Keith Olberman the only voice I hear (on TV) expressing this outrage? The only thing that confuses me more than Bush is the apathy and indeed admiration that many still hold.

*Look for the clip titled "Olberman: Bush Interview Unforgivable" if it doesn't come straight up.


Miss Melville said...

Amen, I say unto thee, listen to the great KO, for he will show you the truth of your situation...

Bleed, bleed, poor country.

Sal said...

"It's not a survivor in tea terms like the British biscuit is."

Sal said...

(can't see your video: the link goes to a baseball stadium being built and 'oberman' is not in the top videos and doesn't come up on search)

Donn said...

He is an awesome agent of indignation. These are halcyon days for his ilk. America might not get a boob in the White House of this caliber for another generation.

It seems to me that the Media is trying to make amends for kowtowing to Cheney and his crew..they never questioned anything for years after 911..and now they are feeling a little guilty and they will do what they have to do to get a Dem elected.

However, I am afraid that America is only one Red Alert incident away from electing McCain in November...and all of the tedious inter Dem mudslinging was so STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Dave said...

I feel I should flag up that you done good on Saturday. Perhaps you could get the Pirate to explain the LBW law though.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Herman's Bitch: let's start a new religion with Keith Olberman as its prophet!

Sal: try searching for "Olberman" with an 'L.' Failing that, try youtube. he's all over it.

Donn: i dunno, most of the media still is cowtowing to Evil Ones. I think Keith is attempting to single-handedly overcompensate!

Dave: i did? oo goody! (and does anyone really understand the LBW thing anyway? I thought it was one of those mysteries we weren't supposed to grasp, like the Holy Trinity or something.)

Sal said...

"Olberman" : "No results found"

ho hum

sorry, not that interested in yank politics to go hunting elsewhere. it's all much of a muchness and has been for my entire adult life, unchanging in issues, tone, or emotion levels.

one of the reasons why i don't live there... ;)