Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like beans on toast, only without the beans

Here's a neat little recipe for those of you in search of more interesting things to do for lunch. I got this from the Good Flatmate. Lovely Welsh bloke.

Rosemary Mushroom Thing

Mushrooms, in chunks
Cherry tomatoes, in half (or regular tomatoes in chunks)
rosemary (fresh or dried)
cream cheese

Splash a couple tablespoons of olive oil in a small pan, and heat it up.
Throw in the 'shrooms, 'maters, and rosemary. Sizzle until everything is a bit soft and sloppy.
Add a couple teaspoons of cream cheese, and mix until smooth and melted.
Pour over substrate and enjoy.

*I use rye toast, which is lovely. Good Housemate uses pasta. Rice and baked potato would also work well I expect.


Geosomin said...

That sounds really good...once I regain the sense of taste I will have to try that out.
Anything involving a substrate appeals to my geeky scientist side...I have to try it.

ziggi said...

hey! I think I may manage that one - would it do for a whole dinner d'you think?

Dave said...

Mmmm... food.

Rimshot said...

Except for the tomatos, this will be made in my home. I'm with ya on the rye toast, but the baked potato sounds great as well! Yummm.

Thanks for sharing!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Geo: i have a dirty secret. *whispers* I'm a geek, too.

Zig: sure. it's basically a cheater's recipe for mushroom stroganoff. For a whole meal i'd throw it over pasta and fix a salad to go with it. Or over a potato and steam a green veggie.

dave: hello, Dave! you're back!

Rimmer: leave out the tomatoes, maybe throw something else in instead. or not. play with this as you see fit. Thus is the joy of cooking!

Miss Melville said...

I *heart* cheap grocery lists... and this is delicious, by the way. I had it on a super-thin toasted muffin and it was vaguely reminiscent of bruschetta.