Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My bike broke. Grrr.

The derailer on my bike is bent. This is have the dual effect of
a. Not allowing me to use any of the larger cogs on the rear gears, and
b. shifting very slowly and haltingly.

Result: It took me 90 minutes to get my chiropractor in Clevedon yesterday (it normally takes 60 minutes from Bristol) making me 30 minutes late for my appointment, and it took me 3 hours to get back again. Because I had to walk. Along a B-road with loads of lorries and no shoulder. I can't believe I'm still alive.

Best get the beastie into the shop methingks. I need it to get to my race on Saturday.

Oh, and here's a helpful hint: Never EVER eat raw broccoli on an empty stomach. Such cramps I have never had. Oy vey.


Tim Footman said...

Never eat raw broccoli, full stop. Lightly steamed, dunked in aioli.

Mozart said...

A derailleur is actually a pretty simple device. There are a couple of set screws to set the inner and outer limits, and another screw to hold the cable in place. If the cable has stretched or slipped a bit, you may not be able to get into all gears. Take a look at it before you spend money on it. Tightening the cable (or replacing it if frayed) may solve your problem.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Footman: what's aioli?

Mozart: i did. It's not the cable. it's the bit of the frame to which the derailer is attached that's bent. The whole thing needs to be removed to bend the frame back. The guys at at the shop said it was a quick job, but it required a special tool, and they only charged me £5. I love my local bike shop!

Sal said...

>"no shoulder"

!! first your back and now your shoulder's gone?? oi vey, woman!

Chaucer's Bitch said...