Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Good Day, Sunshine!

What an amazing day it's been! I was going to write about the bloody awful day I had on Sunday at Pirate's cricket game, where the people at the Arundel Castle cricket ground were so unbelievably rude to me that by lunch time I was sitting by myself in the car, in tears, and wouldn't come sit at the table. Never in my life have I been treated so badly by complete strangers. So now I would like to proclaim loudly to all who hear that the Duke of Norfolk's 11 are the biggest, snottiest, nastiest, most condescending collection of stuck-up, aristocratic pricks I have ever met, and they can all go rot. To be fair it wasn't the players who were awful, it was all their hangers-on and the staff in the clubhouse. Cunts, the lot of them.

Some of what was said to me was so horrible it was funny, but to convey the true spirit I would have to type in an accent, which I suck at, so instead I'm going to tell you why today was so wonderful instead.

It started off with another mess of wedding reply cards, which are always fun. I haven't enjoyed going to the box to get my mail this much since I was 10 years old and expecting birthday cards with cheques in them.

Today I received a very, very formal acceptance from Pirate's great aunt Peer, who is the family aristocrat. I could barely make out her handwriting as it creaked off the personalized stationery, but lo and behold she's coming. No-one expected her to. Isn't that lovely? Yay for aged and decrepit relatives who do the unexpected!

We also got our first wedding gift today! Yay! It's the solid, Michigan maple, 3" thick, end-grain chopping board I asked for. It's 4 square feet. Proper chopping board. Very generous. (Now who will get me the knives to go with it, I wonder?)

Then I got an email from an old friend from High School that I haven't heard from in, like, geological time. He saw the announcement in the news letter and sent an email to the last known account he had for me, which still feeds in to my current account. We spent the day emailing back and forth, it turns out he's moving to Germany shortly, and would like to come and visit me over the summer, so I asked him to come to the wedding, and he said 'yes'! Whoopie! I haven't seen him in over 10 years. Amazing.

And last but not least (and this is the real cherry on the cake), the Hairy Man* I.M.'d me. We haven't communicated in almost 2 years. He took the breakup pretty hard, and I've never stopped worrying about him and wondering what he's up to. It's been a bit of a loose thread that I was never able to tie off. I tried to get in touch a couple times, but he ignored me, and so I left him in peace. And then tonight he Skyped me, right out of the blue. He's living with his new girlfriend, which makes me very happy. I wish them both well, and I hope it works out for him.

Oh, and a gift I ordered for the Pirate from Amazon arrived, so I'll be able to give that to him when he comes over on Friday.

Yay! Happiness abounds! (As does stress, but we don't think about that.)

*If you're new around here and you want to read more about the Hairy Man, click the 'hairy man' category on the sidebar. It's all there.


JolietJake said...

A four foot chopping board? What's that for? Elephant Chops?

Never mind, as long as your happy that's the main thing.

Timorous Beastie said...

My whole kitchen is about 4 foot long. Nice to read about happy news, and fuck the rude fuckers.

Annie said...

Yes, fuck the rude posh people. Come the revolution...

I've just read your entire back catalogue, and found the whole saga very moving. Hurrah for you and the Pirate!

Dave said...

My daughter was once verbally abused while watching me play cricket. What is it with some people?

Gordie said...

This explains why the Duke of Norfolk came to be in Sussex, and not in East Anglia; and also why the "C word" has both romantic and non-romantic meanings.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

JJ: 4 square feet, not four feet square. it's 2x2, which is just big enough for rolling out dough. it also means it's heavy enough to not walk across the counter whenever i use it, unlike small cutting boards that piss me off on a daily basis.

TB: indeed. rude fuckers can get fucked.

Annie: holy shit honey-chile. You need a LIFE!

Dave: there was a witness to one of the incidents, if that's what you mean. but only one of the 4.

Gordie: it does? i've been trying to figure out why the Duke of Norfolk lives in Susses for ages. what did i miss?