Saturday, July 26, 2008


Tomorrow I am going to bicycle from Brizzle to Devizes and back! It will be over 80 miles round-trip. I am very excited. I will follow National Cycle Route 4 along the Avon from Bristol to Bath and then along the Kennet and Avon Canal from Bath to Devizes.

The weather will be beautiful, there will be aquaducts and kingfishers and shady beach forests and ice cream, and best off all there will be Ziggy!

News on Monday.


ziggi said...

I say (blushes) I've never been referred to as best of before!

And the weather is glorious but v hot! Please be careful not to dehydrate en route and call if you start to flag (can fit bicycle in Himself's car).

I'm so excited!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Where do you want to meet? Do you have a favorite pub?

FirstNations said...

she IS a witch, you know. she can't do the Samantha Stevens thing and just squinch up her nose and blink you there? please. i see how it is. you have to prove you're worthy, eh? good enough? trial by endurance? gotta make the grade to stand in the presence of The Zigster, huh? oh yes. now its alllllll clear to me. fine.

(have a good time! tell her I said hi! watch out for Freddie!)

Dave said...

Yes, do make sure she doesn't ride Freddie to whichver pub you're meeting at.