Saturday, August 09, 2008

Well so much for that

The driving instructor from BSM never showed up today.

When he was 15 minutes late I phoned the BSM office and asked "where is he?" Give him more time, they said.
When he was 30 minutes late I phoned again. They apologized profusely and tried to contact the driver on his mobile. They rang me back to say they couldn't reach him, but they left him a message to call me. He did not.
When he was an hour late I rang back and said "tell him not to bother. I want my money back." They said I'd have to ring my local office to arrange a refund or a re-schedule.
When he was an hour and 15 minutes late HE rang ME to say "I'm running late. I won't be able to make it." NOW he tells me! Jerk.

I will reschedule on condition they give me
a) a different instructor
b) a free lesson
Otherwise I'm demanding a full refund (they require you pay for 10 hours of instruction up front, a total of 222.50 pound).

Also, where the hell were these guys when I was in Manchester, being kept away EVERY SINGLE NIGHT BY ASSHOLES PLAYING LOUD MUSIC???

If only they responded to seagull complaints. Oy vey.


Anonymous said...

Obviously he was just doing his duty to keep British roads safe.

Dave said...

Yes, perhaps now is the time to admit that your British blogging chums had a whip-round and paid him not to turn up.

Keep death off the roads.

Tom said...

Hi Mrs Pirate-to-be! It's Tom from China! Long time haven't heard from you, and my wife and I planed some wedding presents for you!

Seems that you don't use hotmail too much, so I cannot make sure your contact details. Please send me an email confirming your address, and keep in touch!

my email: or private) or

llewtrah said...

Don't bother with BSM, they have a bad reputation. Find yourself a well-recommended local independent instructor.