Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Crisis du Moment

So this morning's crisis was the chocolate fountain people* emailing me to inform me that despite our agreement, they would not be able to have the table and fountain set up in the reception hall before 5 pm. Instead, the earliest they could do it is 7 pm, and I would just have to deal with the fact that they would be hauling in crates and boxes and tables while the guests are seated at dinner. Um, noooooooooo.

So there I was, 10 days before my wedding, trying to hire a replacement chocolate fountain (Pirate really really really really wants one). I spent 3 hours on the internet and phone getting quotes from the few places that had availability. The best I could get was 75 pounds more than what we had originally paid. I said I would check with the Pirate and get back to him in the evening.

Then I called my contact at the reception hall just to let her know what was going on. "No problem," she said. "I'll take care of it." She asked for the details of my arrangement with the original chocolate people, which I gave her. 10 minutes later she rang me back to say she'd found a reputable place that would do everything we wanted and more for the same price. She's worked with them before and she trusts them. Brilliant!

So I phoned back the chap who gave me the quote that was 75 pounds above our budget to tell him we didn't need him after all. Here's the kicker: "I've just been on the phone to your friend at the hotel" quoth he. "She's booked me for your wedding." She got the same place I wanted, but she did it 75 quid cheaper! Brilliant!

Crisis averted. And since we're naming and shaming people, let's also give some good press to the wonderful people at the Mercure Holland House Hotel, who are being absolute stars. Thanks, guys!

*Clearly no one should ever hire these people. I believe in naming and shaming. (Now I just need to get my fucking 400 quid back.)

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michael said...

I don't know whether you're accepting felicitations from the Deep South. But I've been enjoying your blog for the past several weeks and have felt the excitement mount as the counter counts down. A very long time ago, I did what you've done, only in reverse: I came to the U.S. from England in 1952, did a Ph.D., met the love of my life, and stayed -- though with trips "home" almost every summer. But all that's neither here nor there: I'm just writing to thank you for all the fun you've given me and to wish you and the Pirate every possible happiness. Oh! And I hope the bridesmaids' dresses look gorgeous (I'm quite sure you will) and that the chocolate fountain gushes up a storm. Cheers! Michael