Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sorry *sheepish*

I am rubbish. I haven't posted in AGES, and for those few of you who give a shit it must have been really irritating. I'm sorry.

I can only make the excuse that planning a wedding, moving house, and trying to write a PhD is taking its toll. It's been frustrating for me, too, because I keep having all these thoughts that I want to share but don't have time to write down right away, and by the time I get the time I've forgotten them. But here are a few of the highlights from the past couple weeks:


Met Hendrix Cat for coffee and a truly great She Elephant for dinner (along with the Pirate). We had a delightful time and I was thrilled to meet both of them. I sincerely hope we have the chance to repeat the experience.

Saw Ed Byrne, who did half his routine on wedding planning. We were in pain from laughing so hard. That one really hit the zeitgeist's funny bone.


Yay for Sarah Palin! She's going to destroy the GOP ticket. They talk big now, but at the end of the day a significant chunk of the Republicans won't vote for the McCain/Palin ticket for 2 reasons.
1. After all the flack about Obama's lack of experience, she's got even less. And everyone knows that if McCain gets elected, there's a better than average chance he won't live out the full term. She's so inexperienced she even said "Can someone explain to me just what the VP does all day?" Even the republicans, when pressed, won't vote for that kind cluelessness.

2. Her so-called "family values." She was brought in because McCain is too liberal (snort) for the evangelical right wingers. She's certainly nutty enough, but she's a mother with 5 kids all in school including an infant with a serious disability. The extreme conservative right think she should be home taking care of them! A man with her positions might have been a boon to the ticket, but not a woman with a baby.

She was also brought in to pick up some of the Hillary camp, but (most) women won't be stupid enough to vote for a vagina that is hell bent on taking away women's rights to control their own snatches.

And finally, she's so right wing wacko conservative that she'll put off a lot of the moderate undecideds that Obama is trying to woo and send them running to his camp.

So at the end of the day a lot of Republicans won't vote for a ticket with Palin on it, and they sure as shit won't vote for Obama, so they'll stay home. Result: low voter turnout on election day and victory for Obama. Thus spake Zarathustra.

Bridal shower:

Bridesmaid tried to plan one for me. Not one person came. So she tried again. ONE person came. They don't have showers over here, and I don't think anyone really "got it" or understood how important it was. *sad*


The bridesmaids dresses were supposed to be rust-colored, not pumpkin orange. I sincerely hope my friends don't feel like they're walking down the isle in giant traffic cones. The swatch did NOT look that bright, I swear!


Pirate has just collected the keys to our future house (only 12 days away!) and has begun taking carloads of my stuff down to Plymouth. I haven't been to Plymouth yet, but he brought me pictures. The garden and views are fantastic, the furniture is acceptable, and the kitchen appliances are strangely nonexistent. I really don't know how you can call something "fully furnished" and not include a refrigerator! So guess who's going fridge shopping this week? Yup, not me!


pleite said...

I worried when I noted your absence here and your comment at GSE's (new) place that life sucked dead donkey bollocks. All the best with juggling everything.

Valerie said...

Aww, sorry about the bridesmaid dress color not being what you anticipated, but I bet it actually looks pretty flash. And much better than pink.

And yay about the new house... so exciting!

You're going to have fun 'settling down' when all the craziness is over. Meanwhile, I wish you lots of energy to cope with it all!

Timorous Beastie said...

Lovely to see you back. We missed you. After reading about Palin's vagina, when I got to the bit about the bridesmaids' dresses, I thought you said, "The snatch did not look that bright".

Dave said...

Glad to see you back and that life is so positive.

hendrix said...

Hi CB - glad you're back safe and sound! It was really lovely to (finally) meet you and the Pirate - glad you both had a great time in Edinburgh.

Don't worry about the bridesmaid dresses (vain hope I know) I bet they look gorgeous and even if they don't, it is a big tradition that you dress the bridesmaids in unflattering outfits. Besides which, all eyes will be on you anyway!

I'm sorry about the non-event of your bridal shower. You're right, we don't really have them here, we have the hen night instead (which doesn't have to involve staggeringaround dive bars wearing L plates - at least my cousin's hen nights didn't).

But brilliant news on the house! and count yourself lucky it doesn't have a fridge - the sort of fridge you get in furnished accomodation is never the sort of fridge you'd want to use.

BlackLOG said...

I would like to say that I have missed you but as this is the first time I have ventured into your Blog and honesty is often, but not always, the best policy I can't. I just hope you don't go the same way as Blue Soup once I discovered her page.

Day one - Stumbled on "Blue soup" - Like the content
Day two - Wow, some one who Blogs on an almost daily basis, how do they find the time
Day three - Blue soup suffers some sort of Breakdown and closes doors for foreseeable future.

P.S Nice Blog count I'm only 70,700hits behind you.

ziggi said...

orange is very nice :-)


Gordie said...

Not feeling irritated, just a little deprived. x

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the support. (esp. ziggi)