Monday, October 13, 2008


(The Artist Formerly Known As Chaucer's Bitch)

Timorous Beastie recently brought it to my attention that there might be some confusion over what to call me, now that my name has changed:

"Bitch, I don't know what to call you now! I can't call you Pirate, as that's him indoors. Mrs Chaucer seems too formal, and besides, it's you, not him with the Chaucer connection. Any suggestions?"

It occured to me that other people might have been wondering the same thing, so I thought I'd better address the issue.

I guess the answer is: whatever you want to call me is fine.

One thing I've noticed is that just about everyone called me something different, anyway. People seem to generate their own pet names, and that's cool with me.

Dave used to refer to me as "Chaucer's Lady-friend." (He has an excellent sense of propriety.) I suppose now that I've become respectable he'll call me Mrs. Pirate, and that's fine, or he may come up with something else.

A lot of people referred to me as CB, which I quite like, and anyone who fancies is invited to continue to address me as such. Or perhaps people would like to switch to CP, my new initials? That certainly works.

Herebe Monsters took to calling me Ceebs, which I always found rather endearing. I hope he doesn't stop.

Some people have called me simply Bitch, which is also fine. Hell, I've been called that since I was 11 years old, and getting married is unlikely to change that, so by all means carry on!

Annie Rhiannon tends to call me Chauce or Chaucer's, and again, that works just fine.

It's funny how the blonkosphere (if I may commandeer a term of Annie's) reflects the real world. In meatspace just about everyone I know has their own nickname for me. I've been called everything from Snowblower Lips (thanks to Andre Wajtusik in first grade) to Wench (first bf in college), as well as all possible variations on my given name, of which there are many. I like that.

Naming things is, on a fundamental level, a sign of ownership (Yes, I've read Genesis and I think that part is spot on.), but it also says "you are special to me." You don't go to the trouble of naming something to which you are completely indifferent. It takes effort and thought, even if your goal is to insult. (Cheers, Andre.)

People sometimes ask me when they first meet me, "Do you prefer {my full name} or {the obvious nickname}?" and I always tell them that either is fine. I like people to make up their own mind about what to call me. They always have in the past, and I think that's A Good Thing.


Dave said...

I am toying with several different ways to address you in the score-book next season.

I always think of you as CB, although I'd never use the b-word.

Anonymous said...

So Geoffrey is out of the question then?

Anonymous said...

I quite like Mrs. Pirate myself.

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

or possibly Mrs. C. Pirate, if you want to be really specific. Or MCP for short. The possibilities are endless!

michael said...

CB, I hope it's not too late to say that your account of the wedding was perfect. The Pirate was not alone. You set a few tears rolling down these old cheeks too, I can tell you. I know how you feel about these things, but I'm going to say it anyway: God bless you both.

FirstNations said...

snowblower lips?????


I've taken to calling you Mrs. Pirate for the time being. I trust that this meets with your approval.

I had the papers drawn up if that helps?

FirstNations said...

..I'm sorry; I keep coming back to this. SNOWBLOWER LIPS????

realdoc said...

You were always CB to me so if you don't mind, I'll stick to that. Also it's quick to type.

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

michael: aw, thanks!

FN: yep. Snowblower lips. We were 6 years old at the time.

Donn: that is just fine. Is it me or did you just get a whole lot furrier??

FN: yeah. I had really full lips (still do) and was able to do that horsey lip-bluster thing really well. Andre' creatively converted said act in his imagination to blowing snow. I don't know why either, but it stuck for a couple years.

Realdoc: i like CB.

Mr Farty said...

Think I'll stick with CB. Again, lovely wedding pics, I've only just got round to reading the three parts (sorry).

Sal said...

>Herebe Monsters took to calling me Ceebs, which I always found rather endearing. I hope he doesn't stop.

in more ways than one...