Wednesday, November 05, 2008


While the last bricks of a long-held, deep-seeded American bigotry were being pulled down in Tuesday's historic election,

a new one


it's ugly, ugly head.

I'm absolutely thrilled that America finally decided a black child can have the same dreams of growing up to be president as a white child. I'm utterly appalled that a lot of those same people think they get a say in who people marry.

Eighteen THOUSAND couples in California who got married this summer, thanks to the acknowledgment of their rights by the CA legislature and supreme court, have just been told that their marriages aren't valid. That despite the licenses, vows, parties, and cakes, they are no longer married, because of a bunch of bigots decided so.

I can't imagine how I would feel if someone came a long and told me that I was no longer married to Pirate. That for some reason the public disapproved, and without my consent, invalidated my marriage.

I think I would kill myself.

What happened today in California is utterly despicable.

Today I'm thrilled for Obama, but I'm still weeping for the state of civil rights in America. Congratulations, African-Americans, you're officially off the bottom rung of the latter. You've been replaced by a deeper loathing of gays.


Geosomin said...

Bah. I was so optimistic about the election've sort of poured some ice on it...but it's pathetic that this issue is still so important to people. So much so that they want to amend their constitution over it.
The same bigoted people who complain homosexuals are unnatural and that they are not a part of society, are the same one's who won't allow them to be a part of it...that there is something wrong with people who are gay.
It's rediculous and pathetic. What are they afraid of?
How can youannul and void someone's marraige once it has already happened? It is disgusting. Their vows were just as solemn as the ones I made...

GreatSheElephant said...

I heard that existing marriages were valid under Prop 8 - they just won't allow any new ones.

Either way, it's shitty and small minded in the extreme.

Annie said...

People get very twitchy around this issue and somehow overlook the fact that it's to do with human rights. It's because as soon as you mention the word 'gay' they start imagining RED HOT DEVIANT SEX, which doesn't happen with any other determinant of identity. For example, our government has no clear policy of dealing with homophobia in schools, they'll insist on anti-racist policies but turn a blind eye to homophobia in faith schools, in a way that is absolutely shameful. Makes me very, very cross indeed.

Ezri said...

This is one issue that I just cannot understand. I don't get why people are so messed up about gay marriage - it's two people who care for each other expressing their commitment to one another and being recognized by law as being together. How can that possibly be a bad thing? How does it hurt anyone? There are way more important things to get your knickers in a twist over.

ziggi said...

shocking, truly shocking

Mr Farty said...

So...a same-sex couple touring the states can be married - unmarried - married - unmarried, depending on where they are at any given time? Ooh, my head!

Still, could be worse, at least they haven't got a creationist in the White House.

Mr Coppens said...

America should just f*cking get on with it and create atleast one State exclusively for all the Bible Thumpers..why not change Kansas to Jesas..then they can live under the Laws of the OLD Testament and ban everything that moves.

Of course they will all be put to death for breaking the rules but whatareyagonnado?

Amrerica has now caught up to the 1960s..way to go kiddo!
Keep swingin' the bat.

Frobisher said...

Do you think part of the problem is in the term "marriage"? Myself, I prefer the term Civil Partnership (which amounts to the same thing).

I hope Obama does sort things out to make a fairer society - but he's got one hell of a job.

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

Geo: sorry to be a wet blanket

GSE: the amendment states "regardless of where or WHEN the marriage took place," taken by many to mean that it will retroactively affect those already married. The haters are on pretty solid legal ground, unfortunately.

annie: they're just jealous because they're not having any red hot deviant sex

ezri: exactly

zig: even Pirate was upset, and he's much less gung-ho on gay marriage than i am.

farty: pretty much. if you want your marriage to be recognized when you travel to the USA, stick to New England.

Mr. C: they did. It's called Utah, but the contagion has been spreading for a century.

Frobi: in this case, no. They didn't just prevent gays from using the word "marriage," they deprived them off all legal rights, including hospital visitation rights, power of attorney rights, adoption rights, the whole shebang. FUCKERS.

FirstNations said...

...and all based on a reading of the bible that designates both 'gay sex' and the consumption of lobster and shrimp to be 'unclean'.
oddly, we never see any Fundamentalists out in front of Dan and Louis' Oyster Bar with placards saying 'God Hates Crab'.
...and then of course theres that whole thing where Jesus says he'd replace the old laws with simply 'love one another'.

shameful, disgusting, ignorant bigots.

Vicus Scurra said...

I would like to propose a slight amendment to the Coppens proposition. Move all the bigots to Afghanistan.

moreidlethoughts said...

Cross as I am at this latest piece of mischief, the redoubtable Mr.Scurra got in first.
"Troops home, bigots out!' would make a good placard.

Belladona said...

Thats awful. I had no idea. How can they do that? Thats just so wrong.

Agnostic Possom said...

Intolerance is still alive & well throughout the land.
I am puzzled that people who voted for Obama also voted against gay rights. It doesn't make sense!

Lawyerina said...

Being from Canada, where gay marriage (even using "Marriage" and not civil union - shocking!) has been around for a few years, I am so appalled at the U.S. electorate for this. First of all, I was sick of the debate that was going on in Canada, and that was years ago. And I can personally attest to the fact that heterosexual couples' marriages did not become worthless, and not one started thinking sex with animals and children was ok as a result of the legalization of gay marriage (these were the major reasons cited as to why it should be disallowed).