Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's finaly happened.

I've actually begun dreaming about the election.

In my dream last night Obama won the popular vote but the electoral college was tied. Since I have no idea what happens in that (highly unlikely) scenario, my dream came to a screeching halt as my brain tried to figure out where to take the plot next.

Does anyone know what happens if the electoral college ties???


oyebilly said...

The BBC is your friend

pleite said..., no, no, Billy. America graciously asks the rest of the world to step in and help 'em decide.

Annie A said...

It won't tie. It's not going to be a major landslide but it's a clear win for Obama.

We're playing basketball together tomorrow in Chicago so I should know, yo.

Geosomin said...

I think in the case of a tie the fabric of time and space opens up the hills start to melt...actually I have no idea... US elections are way different than how Canadian elections and electoral riding are set I can never quite keep it straight. I wouldn't worry tho - it looks like Obama is in with room to spare.
Me? I just want it all to be over so people will stop asking me my opinion about the election...:) We just had our own fiasco of an election...I'm pretty much electioned out at the mo.

Mr Coppens said...

Agreed. Our Canadian Election was a huge waste of money and like the USA, we desperately need to eliminate the antiquated, unfair, first past the post bullsh*t.

Won't happen though because the politicians have perfected the machinery so that they can manipulate it.

In my Province 75 per cent of the population lives in the capital city but the way our system works is that the single vote of a rural person is equal to about 1000 urban votes. Fair Dinkum eh?
The politicians like it this way because it protects their phoney baloney jobs and creates superfluous parliamentary positions.

Since Canadians are apathetic passive aggressives we will not change the system until we are annexed by Uncle Sam, at which point in time we will get Two Congressional Reps & two Senators like everybody else.
Can't wait..heart be still.

rebecca said...

no clue, but i too had a dream last night: that mccain won. i'm here typing in my response to your question and looking at your sidebar of the daffodil: i am a daffodil. right now, i want to be a daffodil because i'm so overwhelmed with it all! *sigh*

Mr Farty said...

I think if they tie, the Queen steps in and declares herself the winner. Hurrah!

But I do hope Obama wins.

FirstNations said...

If they tie they declare Opie the winner.

this was a prophetic dream, of course. therefore the new leader of the 'free' world is a small deceased dog. and i say why not? he's just as qualified as obama and only one hit point ahead of mc cain on the mortality hit parade.

FirstNations said...

...btw, that thing i told you about the night you were cleaning? is resolved happily.


um, yeah. everythings fine.

Mozart said...

Actually, there is a provision in the U.S. constitution for this. The answer is: In the event of the tie, where each candidate won 269 electoral votes, then the House of Representatives would be called on to choose the president, with lawmakers voting by state delegations. Each state gets one vote. Fucked up, eh?

Canadian/English system is obviously better. Odds of a tie are very slim, however

Dave said...

Is there an election?

FirstNations said...

congratulations! OBAMA WINS!!!!!

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

billy: this explains why brits are so much better informed about america than americans.

pliete: i wish the world could vote. they'd have canned W 8 years ago!

aa: turns out you're right! I'm awfully glad about that.

geo: i could use a good space-time rift. haven't had one of those in ages.

dc: it's far from perfect, but it's still a damn sight better than what your friendly neighbors to the south have going.

rebecca: you are cute, but i'm glad you lack Joseph's gift for prophetic dreams.

Farty: that's the best idea i've heard yet!

FN: i'm glad to hear it. i've been worried about you. xoxoxox

mozart: that's some nice separation of powers, that is. *headdesk*

dave: can I join you under your rock?

fn: w00t.

Agnostic Possom said...

This scenario was discussed on CNN. Mozart is right, the House of Representatives would decide, but states may abstain if tied/conflicted in their state. (A candidate must receive at least 26 votes to win.) If the House couldn't decide, then the Senate picks a VP candidate to be President. So, if a tie had occurred, Joe Biden might have been president.