Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dances with Worms

I saw the most amazing thing yesterday. It was a seagull.

No, that in itself is not amazing. I moved away from Bristol to escape the fucking seagulls. (Don't tell Pirate; I'm just using him for his low-seagull lifestyle.)

The amazing bit is what the seagull was doing. It was dancing.

Pirate explained that it was creating vibrations in the ground which the worms perceive as rain, which inspires them to come to the surface. (You wouldn't think this would be necessary in a country where it rains every fucking day anyway, but there you go.)

I love this. I love this on several levels.
1. It's cute. No doubt about it. Seagulls suck. Dancing seagulls are cute.
2. It's seagulls doing what seagulls were meant to do, ie, act like birds. In nature. Not tear apart my garbage bags and squawk and shit all over me.
3. It's industrious. They're earning their lunch. I'm down with that.

But mostly, I love it because I love the idea of a universe where you can do a little dance and you lunch magically appears at your feet. How brilliant is that!!! I want to live in that universe! I want to, whenever I'm hungry, do a little dance, and look down, and *poof!* LUNCH!

*sings* Do a little dance... Make a little worm... Get lunch tonight! Get lunch tonight!

Now every night when I fix dinner I make Pirate stand in front of the serving hatch and do a little dance. Then I give him his dinner.


Annie said...

Tee hee!

Michael said...

Is it OK to love a married woman from afar? I love that you love this and I love each one of your reasons for loving it

Anonymous said...

That is rather endearing. Don't tell me pigeons do it too. It would never do to have to start loving them.

Dave said...

I thought of a really witty pun about this while I was out. Now I'm home it's completely gone.

Please imagine something witty posted here.

By the way, you're playing in Australia on our Christmas tour, but I've dropped you as an opening bat, in the hope that you may score better down the order. That is not a rude comment.

Valerie said...

Hah! That's awesome. Plus, I love that you're training the Pirate ;-)

Donn Coppens said...

She's a Maniac MA-NIAC!

Remember the mindless Hitchcockian Gulls in Finding Nemo? They menaced about uttering MINE MINE MINE MINE..that would be an honest depiction of most Gulls, but this Jonathan Livingstone character must be the Einstein of Gulls.

That is about as cute as Air-Rats ever get. Hopefully this will not dispel the notion that the majority of these scavengers are duh..they don't call them bird-brains for nuthin.

Mind you they must have something on the ball to have made it this far? Hey wait a minute, Humans have been generous enough to have created millions of TONS of garbage for them over the last several thousand years...
they'd die without us.

Geosomin said...


He should have a thank you dance...

Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

Annie: *giggles with*

Michael: i know. it's really hard not to love me.

pliete: don't worry. pigeons are not that awesome. (though they do make a more pleasant noise than the gulls. i must give them that.)

Dave: consider yourself witty. i was actually going to suggest you move me down the batting order. i've been crap at the top. clearly i need some softer bowlers.

val: pirate training is a myth i indulge in. in reality he's about as trainable as a cat.

Donn: I LOVE the shitehawks in Finding Nemo! They totally nailed them with that depiction!

Geo: oh he's got a thank-you dance!

The Pixy Princess said...

And where's the video of Pirate's dance?