Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let there be catness!

Well, it's official. Pirate and I will be going to the shelter to morrow afternoon to collect the newest member of our family: a (roughly) 2-year-old male cat named (so far) "Fred."

The shelter told us Fred is 2, but i suspect his real age is closer to twice that on the principle that shelters have a bitch of a time rehoming old cats and always knock a few years off their age to make them more marketable. I don't particularly care. He is wonderful.

When we went to look at cats most of them just lay on the their blankets and ignored us. One or two opened an eye, assessed us as uninteresting, and closed it again. But not Fred, oh no. When Fred saw us he came straight to the front of his enclosure and and greeted us verbally. I replied in kind. We had a very enchanting conversation through the glass before the volunteer came to open the door so we could get to know each other better through a brief session of sniffing and groping. (Kind of like dating when you think about it.)

And just like it was with my Pirate, the minute i touched him I fell in love. Pirate wanted kittens, but I got all watery-eyed over Fred so Pirate caved and we are bringing him home.

Earlier this week I went to the pet store and spent 130 pounds on:
  • a carrier
  • a litter box
  • a litter mat (to trap the gravel before Fred tracks it all over the house)
  • litter liners, disposal baggies, and a pooper scooper
  • a food dish
  • 2 scratching things (a cardboard one for the floor and one made of rope that hangs from a doorknob)
  • a fleece hammock that hangs off a radiator (cuz if i was a cat i would SO want one! hell, i'm a human i wish they came in my size)
  • 8 packets of treats (4 for UTIs, 4 for hairball control)
  • UTI paste
  • hairball paste
  • a rubber grooming glove
  • a wire grooming comb
  • 2 packs grooming wipes (not quite as effective as a bath, but a hell of a lot easier and better than nothing)
  • a vibrating toy mouse
  • a wobble ball
  • a feathery thing on an elastic cord on a stick (Pirate loved it so much he played with it for 10 minutes. who needs a cat???)
  • cat-wee carpet cleaner spray
  • a food dish
  • a collar with breakaway safety feature and ID barrel (in a very fetching red, yellow, and black aboriginal-style pattern)
  • a book of cat care, heavy on the medical information
That, combined with the 55 pound obligatory donation to the shelter brings our total expenditure to almost 200 pounds, and we still haven't bought litter for the tray, a cat flap for the back door, or food.

Food will be the biggest expense as Fred has to be kept on a special diet owing to his FLUTD. If we give him normal food his ureters will clog up and he won't be able to pee. So by the time we add in the cost of a month's supply of food, the gravel (i want the flushable kind, which ain't cheap), and the cat flap, we're looking at an initial output of over 250 pounds.

Someone told me cats were economical pets. They lied.

At least I'll have him to keep me company over the weekend while Pirate is away. That will be nice. I'll post photos for you. (He's a very handsome boy.)


Mr Farty said...

You think that's expensive? Wait till the vet's bills start coming in!

It will be worth it, I'm sure.

Ezri said...

Hey CB,

Congrats on the new member of your family :) He sounds like he'll fit right in. Clearly he was born to be a pirate cat :)

Hope that the whole family is keeping well and that you're now back into tip top shape again. :

Thought I would share this little gem of irreverence - now even the muppets are getting guilted into going to the gym! It's stuff like this that makes me realize just how shallow we really are.,,20259047,00.html

hendrix said...

Speaking as someone who's just poached a piece of salmon for her cat (don't even ask, she's decided she doesn't like any canned cat food and after watching her turn her nose up at her dinner for the past three days I gave in) - cats are not economical pets! But...they are worth every penny.

Wishing you many years of happiness with Fred!

FirstNations said...

gawd; i hope after all that you don't find out you're allergic.

vibrating mouse? please. who's that REALLY for?

FirstNations said...

btw HOWDY HENDRIX!! *waves*

Annie said...



Mrs. Chaucer's Pirate said...

photos imminent.

hendrix: get another cat. there are no picky eaters in multiple-cat homes where there is perceived competition for food. and frankly, getting a second cat and feeding them both normal food would cost the same as feeding one cat poached salmon!

also, HI!!!!

Geosomin said...

Cats are worth it.
Congrats - I can't wait for picture.
I'm so glad you adopted an adult cat...I think there are a lot of great animals that get left behind because they'r not young and cutesy.

hendrix said...

It's a good idea but unfortunately she sees right through the "there is another cat around so I must eat more and faster than it does" ploy, as evidenced whenever she spends time around my mums cat.

What happens then is that she refuses to eat canned food and then they both turn their noses up at whatever canned food is put in front of them...I do try to stand firm but tend to get worried when she doesn't eat for days at a time(her record for turning up her nose at canned food is 4 days).

She is getting old now and she does sometimes eat "proper" cat food so I guess I'll give in and keep spoiling her against the day that she isn't around to spoil anymore.

Hi! to you and FN btw...I am slowly, (very slowly) sticking my toes back in the blogosphere again, it's nice to be back!