Friday, January 15, 2010

Wee Mighty Predator

The small predator had a big day yesterday. In the eyes of the neighborhood moggies, he is now A Man.

He caught his first mouse.

Before yesterday I wasn't sure if he was a hunter or not. After seeing his behavoir, I'm convinced that if he'd had a kill before now we'd have known all about it.

I came home from the supermarket and found a dead mouse right in the middle of the front hall carpet, with Pai walking around it in circles around it, chest all puffed out, tail up, and saying to me "Look at me! Look what I did!*" He was so chuffed with himself I gave him a pat on the head to acknowledge his achievment, and then he did something I did not expect.

Despite the mouse being well and truly dead (I checked), he clearly wasn't done with it. He put it someplace where I coudln't miss seeing it, but once I had seen it Pai wanted to continue playing with it. He picket it up in his mouth, threw it across the hall, and pounced on it. This he repeated several times until by accident he threw it in with the cardboard recycling. He tried to climb in after it, but the density of empty cereal boxes made this impossible.

Not wanting it to rot and stink in there, I dug it out and carried it outside on the front porch, where I told Pai that he could keep it, but it was strictly an outdoor toy. He listened, bless him. He carried on playing with the mouse outside, but didn't bring it in the house again after that. Such a good kitty! I did get a huge kick out of watching him throw it straight up in the air and then bat it between his paws as it came back down, the fucked-up feline.

*He was speaking Cat, naturally, but some things are so obvious they need no translation.


Valerie said...

Aww... I can't help cheering for him. Our Laila is quite the huntress (mice, rats, squirrels, rabbits) and she sends her respects to Pai. "Well done -- now get me a hedgehog."

helena said...

It's a proud day when your cat becomes a man (or something like that!)

The real Hendrix Cat had a fabulous summer staying at my mum's and catching shrews, frogs and fieldmice. We had a less fabulous time catching the damn things as they scurried (often with their innards hanging out or missing a leg or two) around the kitchen...

I did discover however that the one thing guarenteed to put me in a bad mood in the morning is to feel a mangled mouse squish between my bare toes. I'm sure she observed the route I took from the stairs to the kettle each morning.

zIggI said...

Pai's Puddings!