Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shameless plug

go here:


listen to the track.

decide it rocks.

rate it a nice, juicy 10.

then go step on some flowers, kick a homeless person, and steal a candy bar. do it all with a clean conscience, because you've already done your good deed for the day.


First Nations said...

i do not have a soundcard.
bad, bad, crappy computer.
computer must be started with a crank
computer must be coaxed into operation by tickling its bum with a feather
crappy computer.

No Shit Sherlock said...

Hahaha... FN makes me laugh. I'll get round to checking it. Can I have the good deed on credit, my sister's got some tasty chocolate, and I'm hungry...

hendrix said...

hell CB I didn't even know this one was out! Thank you. Voted for! (and I'll nick your link for my site too!)

Chaucer's Bitch said...

well, HC, maybe you get yourself on the Eskimo Disco emailing list! :-)

Loganoc said...

I thought it was a bit stupid and unoriginal. *hides under desk*

hendrix said...

They already live in my computer CB and lovely as they are having them in my inbox too would be too much!

Get out from under the desk Loganoc - you're allowed to have an opinion for godsake! But vote for it anyway cos then if its a hit F gets royalties and I can buy shoes!