Friday, September 15, 2006

Yet another stolen meme

(Stole this one from First Nations)

Things I fear:
1. fundamentalism/superstition/stray dogs (i'm lumping these together because they're effectively the same)
2. losing the people I love
3. being ordinary

People who make me laugh.
1. Ardal O'Hanlon
2. The Pirate
3. my brother

Things I hate most.
1. fundamentalists/hypocrites/willfull ignorance (ditto)
2. beer-and-curry flavored morning mouth (can we say "breath of a thousand corpses? sure, i knew you could.")
3. quitters

Things I don't understand.
1. How so many people can be so goddamned DUMB.
2. The Krebbs citric acid cycle
3. Why we pay atheltes millions of dollars a year, and teachers not enough to feed themselves

Things I'm doing right now (besides blogging, which is the obvious, assinine answer)
1. cleaning the flat
2. wondering how i'm going to pay my expenses this year
3. re-reading book 1 of John Gower's Confessio Amantis

Things I want to do before I die.
1. Olympic gold medal
2. PhD/publish books/career academic scheme
3. that whole marraige/house/kids thang

Things I can do.
1. cook/bake real food from scratch
2. act like an idiot in public and not care
3. row like a demon

Ways to describe my personality.
1. passionate/enthusiastic
2. attention span of tick on speed
3. domineering

Things I can't do.
1. remember anything
2. drive a manual transmission
3. make someone love me

Things I think you should listen to.
1. international news media
2. your animal spirit guide
3. music by Simon and Garfunkel

Things you should never listen to.
1. religious leaders/televangelists/anyone selling god
2. Fox news
3. Anyone presently working in the White House

Things I'd like to learn.
1. the piano
2. Old English
3. the driving force behind the Great Vowel Shift

Favorite foods.
1. strawberry milkshakes (American stlye, with ice cream.)
2. kielbasa
3. garden salad, made with fresh veg that i've grown myself and picked just seconds ago

Beverages I drink regularly.
1. tea
2. fruit squash (diluted artificial fruit juice product, for the Yanks reading this who aren't familiar with the phenomenon that is fruit squash)
3. Dioralyte (rehydration fluid during intense training)

Shows I watched as a kid.
1. The A-Team
2. Murphy Brown
3. reruns of Rowan and Martin's Laugh In

(whee! the Pirate just phoned from his current location in Places Exotic. So good to hear his voice.)


Kieran said...

BA is god to me. Does this mean I can never watch the A-Team again? He is also my animal spirit guide, I reckon.

Lorna said...

Hello! I've been lurking on your blog, and wanted to pop up and say hello. I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed your meme - I'd never done one before, and it looked fun...

I also wanted to say, my Young Man got heckled by Ardal O'Hanlon at a gigs in Dublin. YM was very proud of this, despite the fact that AH took the piss mercilessly out of the fact that he (YM) was wearing a novelty Christmas jumper with reindeer and Santas on it. Mind you, AH did buy him a pint afterwards, so it was all good in the end.

Lorna said...

Gig, not gigs. Not a good start for my first comment, was it?

First Nations said...

oh man, that citric acid cycle. WHAT a bastard.
i remember Laugh-In! lots of kids weren't allowed to watch it. i think i was because my parents didn't get about 75% of what went on.
B.A. Barracus was hot.

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Kieran: welcome to M.E. It's always lovely to meet new-comers.

Lorna: top o' the mornin' te ya! glad you decided to show your face. You got to see Ardal O'Hanlon live?! Fucking brilliant! (and i think it was a cracking good first comment.)

FN: hell, i didn't get 75% of what went on, but the 25% i did get cracked me the hell up when i was about, um, 9. Sock it to me!

Babs said...

American style--with ice cream Oi!! How are they made over there usually then??

And Laugh In was brilliant---can't wait to get it on DVD. Our parents used to let us watch it, too. The kids in our neighborhood looked at us as if we were crazy everytime we told them something was verrrrrry eeeeeenteresting, but schtupid. Or when we went into Benny Hill mode and did the 'ow now brown cow bit.

Upon thinking, I'm now seeing why we didn't have a lot of friends back then. Ahem.

Lorna said...

Thanks for the welcome: it's good to have delurked! Sadly the Ardal O'Hnalon thing happened to the Young Man before we got together, but he's very good at telling the story. Every second line AH spoke was apparently addressed to "that eejit in the Christmas jumper". I'm so proud!

Glad to hear you've heaerd from your Pirate! And good luck with the PhD: they're a bugger on your back at times, but they can be finished. :)

Liisa said...

I nicked your meme. :-)