Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Real Me(at)

All right, I'll get on board. Heaven forbid i should be the only blogger not commenting on the whol blog ID v. meat ID debate. Last one's a rotten egg and all that, wot wot. So how do my different IDs differ?

well, my blog ID is that of a manic, horny, post-grad female who continually sufferes from culture shock, lack of funding, and various addictions, most notably rowing and the pain inflicted whenever i attempt to say something original about a 600-year-old piece of mouldy literature that no one gives a shit about save my supervisor and me.

and my meat ID?
61% pure beef cake
24% pig-headed
12% mutton (still dressing as lamb), and
3% chicken (though not hugely prone to fits of terror, i do periodically look up, decide the sky is falling, and curl up in bed in the fetal position, taking with me either copious amounts of chocolate or a large, muscley man {whichever is nearer at hand} for purposes of comfort and reassurance).

Sure I'm taking the mick, but the fact is I don't see a whole lot of difference between my webID and my real self. When I created this blog it was for purposes of keeping a diary, to record the real me, my most intimate thoughts and details. I did it anonymously, because an anonymous online diary seemed safer than on old-fashioned pen-and-ink one. That, and my arthritis reached a point where it became difficult to write with a pen for more than a few words at a time. Typing, thankfully, is still pretty easy for me.

The only person who knew of the blog was Herebe, who got me started on the whole idea, and he already knew everything about me anyway, so I saw no point in censoring myslef. Sal began commenting on my second post, and sparked the beginning of an amazing journey of writing for my online readership, friends, supporters, hecklers, and all you lot.

Now that I have (I estimate) about 40-50 regulars who seem to check in at least once a day, I do make an effort to post something every day (sorry again for the holiday gap), and avoid if at all possible the uber-mundane Cloudy today, went to the store and bought eggs and milk sort of post. Which is just as well, because as diaries go that's pretty fucking boring, so writing for you is enhancing and focusing writing for my future self, who will look back on all this in 30 years and laugh hysterically and the tripe I put up here.

The only thing I've done differently here that I wouldn't do in a pure diary is a bit of exaggeration for the sake of making a narrative more interesting. I know I know, now you're going to wonder What's she been exaggerating about??? What has she written that's NOT TRUE???? Feel free to keep wondering, but yes, I really did set Hairy Man's head on fire. That bit I didn't exaggerate at all.


UnderCrackers said...

Well I for one hope you keep at it.

First Nations said...

me to.
you understand how it is between a woman and her illuminated manuscripts.

*shakin, my boo-tay! doin, the statue dance! shake shake, A shake-shake!*

hendrix said...

Must say though that if you do exaggerate (a bit) your posts you do it with a master touch. I've never once read anything that sounded exaggerated.

I do it the other way round. I keep to the facts on my blog and exaggerate (lie) like hell in my off line diary (or did when I kept one, not enough time nowadays). I worked on the principle that I'd not remember whether or not it was true in thirty years anyway so might as well have something more interesting to read.