Thursday, March 08, 2007

Goddamn poverty

Last night I was ecstatic because I learned that Art Garfunkel* is playing Colston Hall next Thursday evening, and I determined to go.

This morning I want to kill myself because tickets cost an entire week's wages, so I can't.

Goddamn poverty.

*Art Garfunkel is my favorite vocalist of all time. His songwriting abilities are no match for Paul Simon's, but his voice is a gift to the human race: lighter than a feather in orbit, gentle as warm snowflakes. I grew up listening to his music, and his voice is as familiar and soothing to me as my own mother's.


First Nations said...

your description of his voice is perfect. only my mothers voice was more of a new york hailing a taxi screech; so that makes him even better to listen to.

did you have to listen to S&G in highschool english and then write poems? we did it for 4 years. wtf?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

That sounds far more productive and instructive than my pointless HS education. With the exception of my Honors Brit Lit teacher, HS English was a complete fucking waste.

(Not a coincidence that today I'm doing a PhD in Brit Lit.)

llewtrah said...

As a kid, I was forever borrowing my aunt's S&G albums to tape.

Sassy Sundry said...

Sigh... I love Art Garfunkel.

Valerie said...

I like listening to Art Garfunkel sing Jimmy Webb songs. I was a huge fan as a teenager. Garfunkel is apparently a sort of irritating person, but I try not to confuse the art with the artist...

CB, send me your paper mail address! I have something to send you.

Warrior Two said...

Aye! "The voice of an angel" is an apt description here. Did you ever like the Cocteau Twins? I always thought Liz Fraser was the female equivalent.

I'll second the Paul Simon, shit. One of my all time favorite songwriters, hands down. Love "Peace Like a River". Amazing. Shit.

MinCat said...

yes i love him. and dont even get me started on the number of people i wld die to see in concert but cant afford cos of poverty. sigh. and priorities.
some day
we shall overcomeeee *waves candle*

Mr Farty said...

Simon - meh.

Garfunkel - is a god.

Tim Footman said...

Have you heard Aretha Franklin's version of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'?

Lines S&G up against the wall, pulls down their pants and has its sordid way with them until they beg for mercy.

Incidentally, do you prefer Paul's syrup or Art's receding golliwog look?

Chaucer's Bitch said...

llewtra: my first ever cassette tape was a recording of S&G's Concert in Central Park. I had that tape memorized in 48 hours. It's still my favorite.

Sassy: he's a dream, ain't he?

Val: really? wow. ok.

Warrior: Never heard of them. will look them up.

*grabs lighter*
*joins in with the flame-waving*

Farty: I think Simon's a fantastic poet and songwriter (his blending of Spanish guitar and Doo-wop on the Songs from the Capeman album was nothing short of genius), but he hasn't sung anything in years. He's resorted to talking on pitch. It'f fucking annoying.

Tim: no, but Johnny Cash's cover kicks ass. I will look up Aretha. You can NEVER have too many covers of BoTW.