Monday, March 19, 2007

Good day

11 am

The phone rings. It's the Agency: "We have a job that might interest you... {details}... Shall we tell them you're interested?" Absolutely.

11:30 am

The phone rings. It's the Agency: "Are you available for an interview at 4 pm today?" Yep. "Fabulous. It's a very prestigious outfit, so you need to go suited and booted." Okey-dokes.

Problem. The Agency knows me well. They've seen me in interview attire. I always look professional. The fact that they felt the need to emphasize the point suggested that I needed to look more professional than usual. Except I've been wearing the very best clothes I own. But the very best clothes I own are all ill-fitting and old. My absolute best shirt is 3 years old and 2 sizes too big. Time to go shopping.

12:30 pm

Walk to T.M. Lewins, where they are having a sale on women's blouses. 40 minutes later and 82 pounds poorer I am the proud owner of three very nice, beautifully-fitting striped blouses with French cuffs and three sets of cufflinks to match. Whee!

1:30 pm

Look up company's website. Study structure, mission, news releases.

2:00 pm

Take shirts out of packaging, iron one for interview.

2:30 pm

Print off extra copy of CV for interview. Discover printer is out of ink. Email CV to Agency with note asking them to print for me so I can pick up on way to interview.

2:45 pm

Shower, dress, hair, makeup.

3:30 pm

Leave for interview, pick up CV en route.

4:00 pm

Have interview. It goes very well.

4:50 pm

Arrive home. Phone rings. It's the Agency: "The company would like to offer you the position." I accept!

I love it. 6 Hours from start to finish, and I have myself a new job. It's one day a week working front reception for a real estate advice company. It's perfect. It fits in with my life, it won't interfere with my research, rowing, teaching, other work, or visiting the Pirate, and the pay is good. So good, in fact, that one day a week will be just enough to cover my rent. So that, plus the other odd jobs here and there will be enough for me to keep my head above water. I am officially declaring the Crisis of the Bastards Who Took Away the Money They Promised Me and Screwed Me Over over. Now I'm just back to being my usual, tight-fisted self. Whee.


tony said...

Congratulations! A Good Day.

Fussy Bitch said...

Congratulations, cb!

Mangonel said...

Enough of the random flora and fauna, pix of the 'three very nice, beautifully-fitting striped blouses with French cuffs and three sets of cufflinks to match.' please.

Homo Escapeons said...

Well there it 'tiz!
Good news is always welcome.

Have you poisoned those gulls on the ledge yet?
Air Rats ooh how I loathe them.
I loved how they portrayed them as mindless idiots in NEMO...squawking MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE?!

Flirty Something said...

Amazing! great result, what is your trick?

hendrix said...

Congrats on the job and I agree with mangonel - pictures of the shirts please!

Hannah said...

Congrats! I remember money...

Timorous Beastie said...

Hey, well done!

Chaucer's Bitch said...

Tony: thanks! and welcome to M.E. take off your coat and stay awhile. (you can leave your hat on, tho.)

Fussy: thank you, my kindred bitch.

Mango: happy now?

Homo: Flatmate B just bought a pump action super-soaker to deal with the shite hawks.

Flirty: good shirts, apparently.

HC: done.

Hannah: yeah, mee too. *sighs*

TB: thankee.

GreatSheElephant said...

yay - congratulations