Monday, May 21, 2007

Too sick to blog

but so much to tell you! I got the Pirate's nasty head cold and I feel like shit. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be in better shape to relate to you all the crazy shit that happened over the weekend.

The follow-up to the Personality Test, however, you've been waiting paitiently for for a long time, so here's the decoder.

1. Favorite color: (supposedly) reflects how you view the world and your outlook on life

2. Favorite body of water: reveals how other people view you.

3. Favorite animal: how you see yourself.

Now go back and read all the previous comments and laugh at people.

Also my toilet is broken. Bah.


Lorna said...

Poor you! Feel better soon: I advise plenty of whisky, lemon and honey in hot water to help with the cold symptoms. Pop a couple of cloves in the lemon slice for extra hot toddy happiness!

I'm an owl, eh? Could be worse, but I wish I really could revolve my head round.

Lorna said...

Just read about Bluto in the previous post: much sympathy. He looked a lovely little furry chap.

B said...

The matrix you has rather thin legs. And your head isn't quite that big!

Timorous Beastie said...

Get well soon. Not a great combination that, sick girl and no toilet.

helena said...

Oh no I was joking when I mentioned you not wearing a vest! Hope you feel better soon. Hot whiskey and lemonade is the thing for a head cold. I'm not sure if it helps the cold but if you drink enough of it you don't notice feeling bad as much!

Re the personality test. Cold wild and inhospitable eh? That sounds about right...

helena said...

This what comes of not properly reading the comments that have gone before - didn't realise that lorna had suggested the whisky cure too. Well since 2 of us have suggested it, it obviously means it works!

Dave said...

And I nearly repeated the comment about the vest, too.

Still, great sympathy. If you've caught a proper man's cold, then it's something very serious.

Just hope you're fit to entertain me properly in three week's time.

realdoc said...

I third the whiskey cure. Can you third something, anyway I just have.

homo escapeons said...

Hmm well I am sort of a Man on Pause so menopausal Blue works.

Other people see me as a killing zone surrounding an island in South Africa where sea lions risk their lives everyday to get out and back from fishing?

I am a 'killer', the ocean's most intelligent predator that chases down and rips apart the mouths (postings) and blowholes (egos) of giants (popular blogs) and just eats their tongue and leaves the carcass for the scavengers!

I am the angel of death and I purpose to take thy soul
((cough cough))HA not!

First Nations said...

huh; suits me to a t.

(()) lemon Theraflu in hot whiskey!