Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sweet Cheeks

Last night after a good bitch session with Miss Melville, who has worked for my mom for 5 years and is well acquainted with her neuroticisms and control fetish, I was feeling somewhat more relaxed. I followed that up with a chat with Vi, mother of the world's cutest monster (honest, he's like godzilla in a blonde, curly wig), who had similar stress with her wedding. She reassured me that even if we go with our original plan it is still possible to enjoy the day. I'm just terrified that at after all the drama I won't be able to enjoy the end product, you know? Anyway, after all that and a good 30 minutes looking at photos of beagle puppies, I'm feeling a bit better.

Also talked with the Pirate, which is always comforting. At the end of the phone call I said "I love you."

His response? "Ok then."

I rolled my eyes and sent a text, explaining that "The correct respons to 'I love you' is NOT 'Ok then,' you suave goofball."

His respone? "Thanks for the tip, sweet-cheeks." That made me laugh.

In nature-related niceties, the weekend rowing was loverly. It's been sunny and warmer (in the 50s) for over a week. The crocuses are blooming, the primrose are in flower, the daffodils are sprouting, and all along the river bank the ducks are bumping butts and there are little green shooty things emerging from the mud. I took a scull out and did some hard pieces, in shorts and T-shirt for the first time this year, and Pirate ran along the river beside and kept me company in the sunshine. Those are the moments I live for, really.


Geosomin said...

Your description of rowing sounds absolutely lovely.

Mr Farty said...

Sorry to hear about the mom woes, but a visit to Tyger Valley Mall near Cape Town should help. And I hear they've got the cable car working again ;-)

Good luck with getting back into rowing!